What are Gene Keys?

What are Gene Keys?

Human Design Reading - Bodygraph Chart

The Gene Keys Approach is another layer of awareness that brings us into a deeper level which brings us to the embodiment of the four qualities that lie at the heart of The Gene Keys; which are Contemplation, Inquiry, Gentleness and Patience.

These 4 qualities give each individual the opportunity to take responsibility for one's inner state:

  • Through using challenge as a means for personal growth
  • By using inner reflection and awareness of self for peace and presence in daily life
  • By giving the opportunity to approach life with gentleness towards self and others while reconnecting with your true essence of being
  • Through learning how having compassion and trust will give you the patience needed to fully step into who you truly are

Why the combination of Human Design & Gene Keys?

Human Design helps give awareness to who you are energetically, what beliefs and limitations you have been conditioned to believe in and create your life around, and the possibilities you can open yourself up to in your life after this awareness.

The Gene Keys Approach goes into a deeper layer of embodiment. With the awareness and release of the conditioning that was recognized by Human Design the Gene Keys reawakens the DNA of the body which activates what has been forgotten or pushed away through being conditioned. 

Human Design is awareness, recognizing, and releasing while the Gene Keys brings in the depth of embodiment, stillness and being so that evolution occurs naturally.

Human Design Reading - Bodygraph Chart

Go Deeper with the "Introductory Gene Keys Session"

The Gene Keys gives you the opportunity to know yourself more deeply and you begin to understand humanity more. Everything comes together as you explore the essence of your shadows, gifts and siddhi’s.

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