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Self-Study Human Design Masterclass with Miranda

Unfiltered - Discover Your Authentic Voice Masterclass

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and authentic self-expression, liberating your creative self in a world where conformity is the norm in the world of business, leadership, entrepreneurship, and creativity? Welcome to "Unfiltered".


Live & Self-Study Human Design Courses & Trainings for ALL Levels and Interests

Meet the Founders of Aligned Living Academy

Human Design Certification with Miranda Mitchell and Analena Fuchs - Aligned Living Academy

Miranda Mitchell and Analena Fuchs are the Founders of the Aligned Living Academy. Both met many years ago during their extensive coaching training and have dedicated sharing their experiences and knowledge to help spread the gift that Human Design & Gene Keys offers. Their courses  for deeper knowledge and integration were a collaborative work through Aligned Living Academy and will soon be available for purchase here.

Woman in a field - Human Design + Gene Keys Connection Masterclass

The Sacral Attunement Masterclass

Masterclass specifically for Generators and Manifesting Generators Unlock your natural Energy and lead from Sacral Pleasure.


Read Your Human Design Chart

In this workshop we will cover how you can read your own Human Design Chart - so instead of feeling lost in the jungle you have a clear understanding of what all the signs, numbers and symbols in your Human Design Chart mean.


The Human Design & Gene Keys Connection Masterclass

This Masterclass will go over the Basics of Human Design and the Gene Keys and how they are connected. This can be a shortcut for you to meet yourself with more love and compassion and have the courage to fully step into your soul's calling.


Light Up Your Sacral Fire 2.0 - Re-Ignited Masterclass

This Human Design Masterclass is for specifically for Generators and Manifesting Generators with Sacral and Emotional Authority.


The Unfolding

This is a 6-week Experience for all Generators and Manifesting Generators


Unleash Your Power Masterclass

This Human Design Masterclass is for specifically for Manifestors and anyone that would like to learn more about the Manifestor Type (e.g. parents of Manifestor Children)


Align on Purpose

A 3 month experience for Generators and Manifesting Generators with 6 live calls to support you through your Align on Purpose Journey.


Aligned Prosperity with Human Design Masterclass

Each of us have a different meaning to prosperity. In this Masterclass we discuss the different areas in the Human Design chart that unlock your unique prosperity codes.


Human Design Definition of Success Masterclass

Each of us has a different definition of what Success means. Human Design can help you to discover what Success truly means for you and how you can create it in the most joyful and effortless way.


Human Design Certification

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