The Provoking Prosperity Podcast

Hosted by: Miranda Mitchell

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The Provoking Prosperity Podcast

Hosted by: Miranda Mitchell

Get ready for heart warming and heart wrenching stories of growth and expansion, information and insights on all things Human Design & Gene Keys, self-realization practices, stories & insights that ground and support you in your personal journey of provoking your meaning of prosperity.

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About the Provoking Prosperity Podcast

Do you spend all of your free time building and maintaining your business so that you achieve your vision of “success”? Are you feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted because you have been preoccupied with your ambition of having that successful business? Are you feeling frustrated, unfulfilled and have a disconnect or loss of creativity? Are Sick of hearing about marketing strategies focusing on 10k-20k months or fast-action bonuses with pressured time frames for sales? Are you a leader in your industry who wants to help change the way society views money, wealth and prosperity as the end result?

Well you are not alone!

In this podcast you will find the freedom and permission to be the catalyst that helps shift the social norms of what conscious business looks like in the world today.

My mission is to empower and equip you to step out of the box of the social norms of business, use your voice for inspiration and impact, and guide you in creating an authentic and sustainable business that energizes and fulfills you on a daily basis.