Energy is Everything.

I moved through most of my  earlier years in life disconnected from myself.

I  believed that I had to look outward for acceptance, love, and a sense of who I was so that I felt like I belonged.

I longed to be a part of something, to matter, to have meaning.

I realize now that the reason I felt lost and disconnected was because I was giving all of my POWER to everyone else. They determined who I was for me.

Have you ever had a moment that you "dropped" into the pit of your stomach and you just knew something, but didn't know how?

This happened for me when the first time I saw my energetic blueprint. My life story was all right in front of me and it grounded me firmly into why I had STRUGGLED with identity, why I had always had the DETERMINATION to keep going, and how I just knew things at times. 


Having this AWARENESS instantly gave me acceptance in who I am, permission  to forgive myself for all of my past experiences, and a deep KNOWING of my Souls and Life Purpose in this lifetime. 

In knowing my definition and openness in the chart I was able to recognize my patterns with compassion so that I could let go of all of the things that kept me from stepping into my full potential.

I was able to move from a like of...






We create the life we live each and every day. We do this through our beliefs, our fears, and our conditioning. When we stay within these limitations our vibrational frequency is low.

I am going to give you a life changing TIP.

Like attracts like.

If you are at a low vibration you will ATTRACT a low vibration. 

The way to move out of living in a low vibration is through the LOVE and acceptance of YOURSELF.



My Life Purpose

"I am here to provide tension so that life stays in tune.  I recognize where others are out of tune because of their conditioning . I am here to challenge people to s-t-r-e-c-h into being in the "uncomfortable"  so they do the work in the areas that they need clarity in."


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