Liberate Your Voice

Are you a Creative who believes that "Success" only exists outside of your passion? 

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 Imagine talented creatives...

Muted by societal expectations, their genuine voice stifled within mundane jobs.

Society's convictions have suffocated their authenticity, convincing them that success only exists outside their passions.

They've internalized this belief, dimming their unique voice and creative expression amid societal norms of achievement.

My expertise... Liberation.

I guide creatives to rediscover their distinct expression, shattering the myth that their passion is merely a pastime rather than their life's work.

Empowered by this realization, they step into leadership roles, leaving an enduring imprint on the world through their unparalleled creativity, finally liberated from society's confines.

Who Is This For?

Creatives who want to fully step into their creative power as their life's work..


Are you a creative wrestling with societal pressures that define success, causing you to question the validity of your passion as a viable career path?

Perhaps you're haunted by the fear of financial instability if you commit to your passion full-time, swayed by society's portrayal of creative pursuits as financially precarious.

Do you battle feelings of inadequacy, believing you lack the credentials to assume a leadership role in your field, despite your abundant talent?

Do you feel the pull of external expectations, losing touch with your authentic voice in the pursuit of a successful business?

Are you struggling to strike a balance between your artistic vision and the pragmatic demands of managing your creative endeavors?


⚖️ When these struggles restrict you from embracing your genuine expression, a series of challenges emerge.


Doubt and stagnation become constant companions, preventing full commitment to your passions due to societal expectations, leading to a stagnation in your creative growth and personal fulfillment.

Financial limitations loom, coercing compromises in their creative pursuits, stifling potential growth and innovation. 

Persistent feelings of inadequacy erode your self-confidence, hindering the pursuit of leadership roles and stifling your ability to showcase your talents to your fullest potential. 

The pressure to conform to external expectations risks you losing your authentic voice, diluting the unique essence of your creative output and diminishing your impact. 

Struggling to balance your artistic vision with the pragmatic demands of running a business leads to inefficiencies, lack of direction, and limits the sustainability and growth of your creative endeavors. 

🎭 These challenges  may leave you feeling unfulfilled, constrained, and unable to achieve your full potential both artistically and professionally.


"Break free from societal norms that stifle creativity. Your passion isn't just a pastime; it's your legacy waiting to leave its mark. Embrace authenticity, lead with your unique voice, and make your creativity your success story."    Miranda Mitchell

 In This Session You Will

🎤 Understand how your Human Design serves as a "map" for alignment with your authentic self, so that you stop looking externally for the answers. 

🎤 Know your Core Wound Gene Key and how it has plays a role in your self expression

🎤 Understand and receive a reflective discussion on your biggest area of focus for de-conditioning so that you choose to embrace and move through the shadow rather than suppress it

🎤 Have clarity in how to make aligned decisions and learn how to tune into inner guidance so that you l trust  yourself at a deep level

🎤 Understand how you  stay present and grounded in the way that you present yourself to the world 

In The Session You Receive:

🌟 A detailed assessment of  where you hold conditioning within your energy centers so that you know where to prioritize your focus of awareness

🌟 Access to a pre-recorded Human Design & Gene Keys Connection Masterclass so that you have a clear understanding what each modality is and how the work in unison.

🌟 Access to the pre-recorded meditation Embers of Authentic Creation: A Journey to Liberating Voice and Creativity  to deepen connection with your core essence.

Prepare for a transformative journey towards empowered self-expression!

Two Options to Choose From - Introductory or Deep Dive

For a limited time, get the Introductory Session for just $99 by using the coupon code EMOTIONS at checkout.


Liberate Your Voice - Introductory Session

  • 35-minute laser focused session on one key issue
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Liberate Your Voice - Deep Dive Session

  • an expansive 2 hour session to dive deeper into areas of conditioning
What Is The Difference Between The Introductory Session and The Deep Dive Session?


In short, the Introductory Session is a focused session on what is in the Human Design Chart, What Human Design and The Gene Keys are and how they work together, and the biggest area of conditioning that is holding you back from you authentic self expression. It is precise and focused approach that has you walking away with where to prioritize so that you start reconnecting to your voice, your self expression and yourself.

The Deep Dive Session dives into the interconnected web of human design, gene keys, astrology, intertwined with guided coaching so that you uncover the layers of conditioning that has kept your self expression dormant. It's a transformative co-creation aimed at unlocking your truest essence, liberating you from conditioned patterns, and empowering your authentic self-expression in a 2 hour time frame (rather than 35 minutes).


 My Methodology


The combination and collaboration of traditional and modern modalities that give space for self reflection, possibility and empowerment. 

Human Design acts as your guiding map, revealing the unique energetic blueprint you carry. We dive into the intricate web of your design, understanding the interplay of your Strategy and Type, Profile, Centers, Channels, and Gates. This serves as the foundation, providing insights into your innate characteristics, strengths, and areas for growth.

The Gene Keys offer a deep contemplation of your genetic imprints, unraveling the potential for personal evolution encoded within your DNA. We navigate through the spectrum of your Core Wound  and Your Pearl activation in the Gene Keys. By embracing their shadows and your gifts in these activations it helps guide you to transmute  your deepest wound as well as connect with how you experience prosperity. 

Astrology becomes our cosmic lens, casting light on the celestial influences shaping your journey. We explore planetary alignments with your Human Design gates and themes of the houses within these areas. This celestial insight helps align your personal growth with the cosmic rhythms surrounding you.

Within the coaching framework, we weave these insights through focused questions that pertain to your liberation of the challenges of your conditioned beliefs and behaviors. Together, we navigate through layers of societal imprints, familial influences, and personal narratives, fostering a space for authentic self-expression to emerge

The added benefit of a personalized self-realization practice given to you after the session not only supports you with tuning into your inner knowing and trusting your inner guidance but it also helps you digest and embody what we have just uncovered within the deep dive.


 This session isn't just about exploration;
it's a catalyst for transformation.

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