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When you align with your energetic blueprint it becomes easy to have a successful business.

Tired of "pushing" through and "making things happen" with a low success rate?

Get your free Human Design Chart AND introductory video to help you discover how to energetically align now by implementing strategies specific to YOUR type.

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Are you a woman entrepreneur or professional who is struggling in stepping into a higher potential so that  you have more IMPACT in the life of others while creating a LEGACY for yourself?

Energetic Frequency is the Key.

Once you recalibrate your emotional frequency (energy)  through awareness of your energetic blueprint you become clear in your PURPOSE and have the  confidence and courage to claim it.

In business there are often times of flow and times of resistance.

The times of flow are the times you are ALIGNED authentically through your energy, and the times of resistance are  when you are out of alignment.



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You are born with a unique energy blueprint that determines your innate nature. 

Your innate nature combined with your life experiences is who you believe yourself to be.

 The Human Design Chart (innate nature) gives you a clear and defined pathway within yourself so that you understand yourself on an energetic level.  You have consistency and openness in your chart and once you are aware  of these energies you learn and accept yourself for who you are with compassion, confidence, and clarity. This may be a new perspective for you, but you have the answers within you. Knowing your Human Design Type gives you the power of AWARENESS and gives you clear direction in creating the  business and life that is the most fulfilling for you.

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Why am I passionate about working with  women entrepreneurs and professionals on their energy and awareness of self?

  • You are passionate and want to create IMPACT in the world
  • You are not afraid to "work"
  • You are always looking for a new angle and perspective
  • Growth (change) is exciting

As a women entrepreneur,  I know how easy it is to become "busy"  in the momentum of building the dream. 

Do you find yourself? 

  • Busy in all the doing and have lost connection with Consciously Creating

  • Feeling energetically "off"

  • Feeling like you are pushing against resistance

  • Wanting to live more deliberately with your money,  your time, and your relationships so that you are happy and fulfilled 

If any of these sound like you, I can help you!