emBODHIed Voice

Are you a Creative Soul

 navigating the maze of societal norms, where speaking up means risking disruption and authenticity gets lost in conformity?

Join me for the emBODHIed Voice

Are you ready to tap into the untapped potential of your authentic voice and liberate it upon the world but feel fear, or unease in expressing your feelings, your thoughts and your ideas verbally?

If so, The emBODHIed Voice 7-week Journey is for you!

We start again March 27th, 2024!


 It's An All-Too-Common Scenario


... feeling the weight of unspoken words, stifling your creative expression to fit within the lines drawn by society. The urge to stay quiet, to conform, to keep things smooth and unchallenging becomes the norm.


But here's the truth


Your voice holds immense power, your self-expression is your uniqueness, and your authenticity is a beacon of truth waiting to shine.

In this transformative journey, we dive deep into the intricacies of societal conditioning, unraveling the layers that have stifled your authenticity. Together, we rediscover the unfiltered power of your expression—the words unsaid, the colors left unbrushed, the melodies left unplayed.

Let's rewrite this narrative that demands silence for the sake of peace. It's time to reclaim your voice, celebrate your expression, and honor your authenticity.

Join the exploration where we embrace the discomfort, challenge the norms, and carve a space for your unapologetic self so that you are seen, heard and valued in a way that you have never been before.

Together, let's liberate your creativity from the shackles of societal expectations!

Are You Ready For..


Your Journey to Liberation Of Self-Expression with emBODHIed Voice!

 Embark on a transformational journey as we delve into the core facets of your Human Design chart.

🎤 Learn where you have been stuck and stagnant in self expression because of conditioning

🎤 Learn how the awareness of the Human Design Centers, Types, and Profiles guide you into a deeper connection to self so that you do not let external chatter deter you from your creative expression

🎤 Learn throat activating practices that helps you release stagnant energy in areas that you hold beliefs and experiences 

🎤 Understand the role of the Throat Center in Human Design, and how you experience its energies so that you are intentionally choosing to express in a way that is most aligned with you

🎤 Have a clear understanding of the HD Motor Centers so that you decode the driving force of the energies that affect you the most 

🎤 Have a clear understanding of the role of the channels in your self-expression while exploring the impact of the defined and undefined energies

🎤  Explore key astrological influences on self-expression, and understand how your planetary placements resonate in your vocal projection so that you have a more in depth awareness of what you are here to talk about through your creative expression.

Plus, a Bonus Q&A session where everything comes together seamlessly.

Prepare for a transformative journey towards empowered self-expression!

 The collaborative layers of Human Design and  Astrology guides you to Towards


  • Your self expression so that you are no longer living within societal norms.
  • Uncover your hidden strengths as well as where you need support so that you are in your highest potential 

  • Harnessing the power of your throat center so that you confidently communicate, manifest your desires, and create impact in the world. 
  • Embodiment rather than just consuming information
  • Lasting transformation that propels you to keep evolving with courage, love and compassion for yourself. 
  • AND, a special BONUS: a sneak peek into the realm of Gene Keys, tuning into your unique alignment with prosperity and guiding you to feel prosperous through empowered actions right now!


Don't let limitations or fear hold you back any longer.

Join me: Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Embark on a transformative journey to connect with your authentic voice, embody it fully, and fearlessly use it to create impact in the world. It's time to liberate the power of your voice and be heard, in alignment with your unique Human Design. We start again March 27th, 2024!



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Liberate Your Authentic Voice - The Transformative 7-Week Experience + Bonus Closing Call.

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Liberate Your Authentic Voice - The Transformative 7-Week Experience + Bonus Closing Call.

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