emBODHIed Voice

Embrace Your Self - Expression with emBODHIed Voice


A Journey of Creative Liberation


Stifling your authentic voice to conform to societal boxes? You're far from alone. Numerous creatives echo this sentiment, their raw expressions and distinctive voices subdued to adhere to a world that often values conformity above uniqueness.

Yet, envision this: Your voice transcends mere sound; it's your unfiltered essence. Your true self isn't just one aspect of you; it's the beacon that guides your way. emBODHIed Voice is the conduit to breaking free from the molds of societal norms and reawakening the unadulterated power of your expression.

Why The emBODHIed Voice? 

In this transformative program, we dive deep into the roots of your self-expression, exploring the intricate web of societal conditioning that has silenced your true voice. Through the lens of Human Design and Astrology, we peel back the layers that have shadowed your authenticity, guiding you towards a journey of self-discovery and liberation.

We start again May 22th, 2024!


For the Bold Creative Ready to Embrace Authenticity


You know the drill: Your vibrant ideas dimmed, your bold voice muted, all in the name of fitting into the neat, tidy boxes society lays out. The pressure to tone it down, to blend in, becomes second nature.


But here's the truth


Your voice isn't just loud; it's revolutionary. Your self-expression isn't just different; it's your superpower. Your authenticity isn't just real; it's your guiding star, destined to light up the world.

On this transformative path, we're not just scratching the surface. We're diving headfirst into the tangled web of societal norms that have clipped your wings. Together, we'll uncover the raw, unbridled essence of your creativity—the bold ideas unshared, the vibrant visions unpainted, the soul-stirring tunes unsung.

It's time to flip the script on silence being golden. It's your moment to seize your voice, revel in your unique expression, and stand tall in your authentic self.

Embark on a journey where discomfort becomes your ally, where challenging the status quo is your creed, and where a space is carved out for your fearless, unapologetic self—to be truly seen, heard, and valued like never before.

Let's join forces to unleash your creativity, breaking free from the iron grip of societal expectations. Welcome to your liberation!



Your Transformative Journey Includes:


🎤 Deep Dives into Your Being: Explore your Human Design chart to identify and release blockages, paving the way for free-flowing expression.

🎤 Throat Center Activation: Engage in targeted practices to release energy blockages, empowering your voice to rise freely and powerfully.

🎤 Astrological Alignment: Discover how planetary influences shape your vocal expression, harmonizing your creative output with the universe. 

🎤 Mastery of Energy Centers: Understand the forces driving your energies, enabling you to manifest your desires and impact the world meaningfully.

🎤 Exploration of Energy Channels: Learn how defined and undefined energies influence your expression, refining your unique communicative styles

🎤 And soo much more...

Plus, a Bonus Q&A session where everything comes together seamlessly.

Prepare for a transformative journey towards empowered self-expression!

The Promise of emBODHIed Voice


  • Embodiment Over Consumption: Transition from mere knowledge acquisition to deep, embodied wisdom for lasting change.

  • Progressing with Heart: Advance with boldness, empathy, and self-love, persistently aiming for your utmost potential.

  • Pathway to Prosperity: A special foray into Gene Keys introduces you to your unique prosperity journey, encouraging actions that resonate with your core essence.


"Be loud in your silence, bold in your presence, authentic in every moment."

-Miranda Mitchell

Step Up: Amplify Your Authentic Voice!

Dive into a transformative expedition where you'll embrace, embody, and express your true voice with unshakable confidence. Unlock the full potential of your voice, aligned with your distinct Human Design, and make a lasting impact. The journey to being truly heard begins on May 22nd, 2024. Join us!"



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