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Are you ready to tap into the untapped potential of your authentic voice and liberate it upon the world but feel fear, or unease in expressing your feelings, your thoughts and your ideas verbally?

If so, The emBODHIed Voice 7-week Journey is for you, and it is now open for registration!

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Diving into Human Design

Your Pathway to Personalized Empowerment

Discover the depths of Human Design—an extraordinary synthesis of astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, the chakra system, and quantum mechanics. Unlock your individual energetic blueprint like never before.

Join us for a transformative 7-week journey that illuminates the significance of harmonizing with your distinct Human Design type, strategy, profile, and so much more.. This journey will mot only help you clarify "why" but it will give you the permission and the space to put your voice into practice!

The Program


Your Journey to Liberation Of Self-Expression with emBODHIed Voice!

 Embark on a transformational journey as we delve into the core facets of your Human Design chart.

🎤 Explore the concept of de-conditioning, understanding how societal norms impact self-expression, and embrace the liberating power of breaking free from conditioning.

🎤 Delve into the intricacies of Human Design centers, types, and profiles with a focus on self-expression, uncover personal conditioned patterns through your chart, and devise strategies to align with your true self.

🎤 Master practices that liberate your voice from conditioning and engage in interactive group sessions for guided practice, reflection, and sharing like never done before!

🎤 Understand the pivotal role of the Throat Center in Human Design, navigate the influence of defined and undefined throat gates on communication, and gain clarity, authenticity, and confidence in expressing your voice.

🎤 Understand the significance of the HD Motor Centers in how your personal expression is expressed, decode the driving force of the different Motor Centers, and tap into the potential of defined Motors for impactful self-expression.

🎤 Gain insights into the role of channels in self-expression, explore the impact of defined and undefined channels in your chart, and discover the magic of combining channels to enhance self-expression.

🎤 Have a clear understanding on how the variable in your chart affect the way you express and manifest in the world

🎤 Unlock the astrology aspects influencing your expression, explore key astrological influences on self-expression, and understand how planetary placements resonate in your vocal projection.

Plus, a Bonus Q&A session where everything comes together seamlessly.

Prepare for a transformative journey towards empowered self-expression!

Get ready to fully step into your potential through the emBODHIed Voice program, as it guides you to:


  • Elevate your awareness of your Human Design profile, type, and strategy, helping you become crystal-clear on your expression of your authentic voice.
  • Uncover the hidden strengths and where you need extra awareness or support within open and defined centers of your Human Design chart, enabling you to release conditioning and fully embrace your genuine expression.

  • Harnessing the power of the throat center to confidently communicate, manifest your desires, and create impact in the world. 
  • Learn how Integration and embodiment practices support deconditioning with ease, enabling you to have courageous self expression..especially your voice.
  • Lasting transformation that propels you to keep evolving with courage, love and compassion for yourself. This is just the beginning:)
  • AND, a special BONUS: a sneak peek into the realm of Gene Keys, tuning into your unique alignment with prosperity and guiding you to feel prosperous through empowered actions right now!

Don't let limitations or fear hold you back any longer.

Join me: Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Embark on a transformative journey to connect with your authentic voice, embody it fully, and fearlessly use it to create impact in the world. It's time to liberate the power of your voice and be heard, in alignment with your unique Human Design.

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