Embark on a Transformative Journey while you Dance with Shadows & Stillness 

Unlock the Depths of Your Creative Expression and Prosperity Consciousness in a 10-Month Immersion

Begin Your Transformation

This immersive experience takes you on a voyage from exploring your deepest shadows to embracing the stillness within, unlocking the doors to your innate creativity and a deeper understanding of your true self We start again May 22nd, 2024!


Embark on a Journey of Creative Alchemy and Deep Alignment 

Embrace "Dancing with Shadows and Stillness" Immersion


Designed for creatives and those yearning to reignite their creativity. This immersive journey is dedicated to unraveling your true creative essence, guiding you towards self-realization and transformation. This immersive experience is tailored to unleash your authentic creative power, connecting deeply with your life's purpose and fostering meaningful relationships with yourself, others, and the material realm.




Shedding the layers imposed by societal expectations and personal limitations, revealing the core of your true self.


What possibilities would unfold as you tap into this enriched self-awareness?


This journey offers more than a creative awakening; it empowers you to express your distinct visions and aspirations with bold confidence and clarity.


"Dancing with Shadows & Stillness" transcends conventional programs, serving as a powerful call to those ready for life changes. It combines diverse array of techniques, a nurturing community, and expert guidance, facilitating your journey through all 3 of Gene Key Sequences .


Are you ready to accept this call and reveal new dimensions of your creative core?

Program Structure 


Unleash Your Creative Spirit


ūüé§ Embark on a transformative journey to the core of your artistic being with the Activation Sequence in the Gene Keys. This immersive experience is crafted to ignite your creative spirit and dive into the depths of your inherent self expression. As the gateway to self-exploration, it lays the foundational stones for a path of self-discovery, steering you towards the essence of your true self ‚ÄĒ the ultimate key to unleashing your boundless potential.

Here's a glimpse into the transformative stages of Authenticity Awakening  Sequence (Based on  Activation Sequence in the Gene Keys):


Sphere of BEING (Life's Work): Discover and harness your distinct talents, seamlessly integrating them into the fabric of the world. This sphere illuminates your path, offering clarity and a profound sense of fulfillment through meaningful contribution.


Sphere of  Alchemy (Evolution): Transform personal hurdles into gateways for growth. This sphere teaches resilience and adaptability, turning each challenge into a valuable opportunity for personal evolution.


Sphere of Inner Beacon (Radiance): Cultivate your inner well-being and vitality, essential for your creative journey. This sphere enhances your physical and emotional strength, ensuring your creative endeavors are sustained and resilient.


Sphere of Purpose: Align with a transcendent calling that resonates beyond individual aspirations, contributing to the collective. This sphere enriches your life with deep fulfillment and a sense of unity with the broader tapestry of life.


Each sphere weaves together, unlocking diverse aspects of your potential and guiding you towards a seamless blend of your unique abilities and life's calling with your creative expression.


 Heal And Transform Relationships


ūüé§ Embark on a deep exploration of the Venus Sequence, where you'll confront and heal core wounds that impact your relationships with yourself, others, and the world around you. The¬†Venus Sequence, is a path that leads you through the depths of relational healing and self-discovery.¬†

Each sphere is a step towards a more connected, understanding, and enriched life in both the emotional and material realm. 

Here's a glimpse into the transformative stages of the Wounds To Wisdom Sequence (Based on the Venus Sequence: in Gene Keys):

Sphere of Purpose in Relationships: Unveil the lessons and opportunities for growth that lie within your connections. This sphere guides you to align your relationships with your deepest sense of meaning, revealing the reflective nature of every encounter.

Sphere of Magnetism (Attraction): Dive into the magnetic forces that draw you towards others and draws people towards you. Uncovering the subconscious desires and patterns beneath help you gain clarity and empowerment so that you form connections that resonate with your truest self.

Sphere of Cognition (IQ Intellectual Quotient): Explore the intellectual dynamics of your relationships, focusing on communication, beliefs, and thought processes. Here you will learn to cultivate an environment of understanding and compatibility, where ideas flow freely and connections deepen through authenticity and awareness.

Sphere of Emotional Resilience (EQ (Emotional Quotient): Dive into the emotional landscape of your connections, enhancing empathy, sensitivity, and emotional resilience. This sphere invites you to experience the richness of fully engaged hearts, navigating the ebbs and flows with grace.

Sphere of Insight (SQ Spiritual Quotient): Step into the spiritual dimensions of your relationships, where shared values and quests for meaning helps create bonds beyond the physical. Embark on a collective journey of spiritual growth and unity.

Sphere of Eclipse (Core Wound): Acknowledge and heal the deepest vulnerabilities that shape your relationships and self-perception. This central sphere is a powerful catalyst for transformation, leading to more authentic, open, and fulfilling in all areas in life.


 Embrace Abundance in All Forms


ūüé§ The¬†enriching path of the Pearl Sequence is your guide to unlocking prosperity and fulfillment in both your professional life and your contributions to the world. This journey, is designed to align your deepest passions with your life's work, fostering a sense of purpose and abundance in every endeavor.

Each sphere is a step towards realizing your potential, making a difference, and living a life replete with purpose and prosperity.

Here's a glimpse into the transformative stages of the Prosperity Consciousness Sequence (Based on the Pearl Sequence in Gene Keys):

Sphere of Vocation: Dive into the essence of your calling, the work that not only fulfills you but also serves the greater good. This sphere helps go deep into your core wound so that you can become aware of what has been holding you back from fully embracing your gifts.

Sphere of Ethos (Culture): Explore the collective environment that shapes and supports your growth‚ÄĒbe it your community, workplace, or social circle.¬†

Sphere of Life's Calling (Work): Focus on the tangible expression of your vocation in the world, the culmination of your efforts, and the legacy you aim to leave behind. This sphere helps you connect with how you make meaningful impact in the world.

Sphere of Prosperity (Pearl): The culmination of your journey, where your vocation, culture, and life's work converge to create true prosperity. This "Pearl" symbolizes the ultimate reward‚ÄĒhow you experience personal fulfillment and the ability to share your abundance with the world.


This Immersion Includes content release Every 3 weeks -  Live Calls Every 3 Weeks (15 total) - Intimate Community  




Dancing with Shadows & Stillness opens doors to self-awareness, leading you on a journey towards clarity and empowerment. The insights cultivated during this immersion are  transformative in enriching your understanding and guiding your path forward.


You Will:


Awaken Your Inner Muse

      • Self-Discovery:¬†Uncover the depths of your true self, awakening to your unique talents and aspirations.
      • Creative Confidence:¬†Gain the confidence to express your innermost thoughts and creativity without restraint, setting your creative spirit free.
      • Clarity of Purpose:¬†Find clarity in your life's purpose, guiding your future endeavors with intention and passion.

Nurture Heartfelt Connections

      • Emotional Healing:¬†Embark on a healing journey to mend the emotional wounds that hinder your growth and relationships.
      • Deeper Relationships:¬†Cultivate deeper, more meaningful relationships with a newfound understanding and empathy.
      • Self-Acceptance:¬†Learn to embrace your vulnerabilities, turning them into your greatest strengths and sources of compassion.

Cultivate Abundance

      • Abundance Mindset:¬†Shift your perspective to recognize and attract abundance in all its forms, beyond just financial wealth.
      • Joyful Living:¬†Discover how to infuse everyday moments with joy and fulfillment, appreciating the richness of life.
      • Aligned Action:¬†Align your actions and decisions with your highest values, leading to a more purposeful and prosperous life.

 You will walk away from each sequence with not only insights and practical tools but also a transformed  perspective that will empower you to navigate life with greater creativity, connection, and abundance.


Embrace the whispers of your shadows; they are the echoes of your untold strengths, guiding you towards the light of your true potential.

Begin Your Transformation

This immersive experience takes you on a voyage from exploring your deepest shadows to embracing the stillness within, unlocking the doors to your innate creativity and a deeper understanding of your true self. We start again May 22nd, 2024!



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Dancing with Shadows & Stillness
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Embark on Your Journey to Wholeness: Unleash Creativity, Foster Connections, and Cultivate Abundance in this 10-month Immersion.

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Dancing with Shadows & Stillness
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Embark on Your Journey to Wholeness: Unleash Creativity, Foster Connections, and Cultivate Abundance in this 10-month Immersion.

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