Human Design Certification

Human Design Certification for Conscious Leaders

Smiling Woman - Human Design Certification with Miranda Mitchell and Analena Fuchs with Aligned Living Academy
Are you a Coach, Healer, Conscious Business Owner or Entrepreneur who has a passion to make this a better world?
  • Do you desire to grow and expand your business in a way that feels fun, and aligned instead of following what most business coaches do - but don't seem to work?
  • Do you want to increase your bottom line, while working less and making a bigger impact?
  • Are you are sick and tired of working harder, feeling something is off and knowing deep inside you are meant for more?

If you answered any of the above questions with YES then this is for you...

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Meet the Founders of Aligned Living Academy

Human Design Certification with Miranda Mitchell and Analena Fuchs - Aligned Living Academy

Miranda Mitchell and Analena Fuchs are the Founders of the Aligned Living Academy. Both met many years ago during their extensive coaching training.

They always knew they had a special connection due to the similarities of their stories and the challenges the have overcome.

When Human Design came along they also found out they both were 2/4 Manifesting Generators.

And one day, going with the divine flow of synchronicities it became clear that the Academy was ready to be born. Both are teachers by Design.

So they surrendered to their souls' calling.... with a lot of joy and excitement!

Human Design Certification

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