Unlocking the Power of Flow over Forced Consistency

Dec 05, 2023
Ep 121- Unlocking the Power of Flow over Forced Consistency

In this episode, host Miranda Mitchell delves into the theme of consistency and flow, exploring the societal pressure around consistency and how it contrasts with the principles of human design. Miranda discusses the importance of trusting one's strategy and authority in determining when to be consistent, and how this differs from the traditional societal viewpoint.

Listeners are invited to reflect on their own relationship with consistency and share their thoughts with Miranda.

Tune in to gain new perspectives and insights on navigating success and fulfillment.

Show Notes:

1. The societal perception of consistency and its link to success
2. The presence of flow and its role in human design
3. The significance of trusting our strategy and authority
4. How different human design types can approach consistency and flow
5. The potential impact of aligning with one's strategy and authority

Fun Fact from the Episode:

Did you know that human design offers different approaches to consistency based on an individual's type? It's a fascinating way to understand how each of us can navigate our unique paths to success and fulfillment.


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