The Missing Piece to Spiritual Money Mindset: How Human Design Can Elevate Your Wealth Consciousness With Taylor Eaton (5/1 Splenic Projector)

Nov 02, 2023
Ep 113 - The Missing Piece to Spiritual Money Mindset: How Human Design Can Elevate Your Wealth Consciousness With Taylor Eaton (5/1 Splenic Projector)

In today's  special episode, we have a very special guest, Taylor Eaton, a human design expert, money mindset coach, and wealth embodiment mentor. Taylor shares her journey of personal transformation and how she used human design to revolutionize her approach to money and success. Together, Taylor and Miranda explore the importance of understanding and embracing one's unique traits in human design to align with a more sustainable and fulfilling path. They discuss the need to decondition old beliefs and tap into our true selves for true abundance and prosperity. Get ready to shift your mindset and gain valuable insights as Taylor shares her wisdom on spirituality, finances, and the power of aligning with your human design. Stay tuned for an empowering conversation filled with practical tools and guidance for creating the wealth and fulfillment you truly desire.

Show Notes:

- Taylor's background and approach to money 

 - Applying Human Design to money and business 

- Taylor's Role as a Projector and how it supported her in her business

- How the generational belief in hard work and its impact on financial outcomes.

- Emphasis on individual unique gifts and traits in human design for a sustainable approach to money and work.

- Recognizing one's worth as important aspects for entrepreneurs.

- Tendency for entrepreneurs to constantly strive for more success

.- Introduction to Taylor's low-cost monthly membership, "Wealth Vibe," which emphasizes spiritual tools for money and a supportive community. 



1. How do you define "being true to yourself," and how does it relate to the value you bring to others, as discussed by Taylor?

2. In what ways do you see society's emphasis on hard work and traditional intelligence impacting the way individuals view success? How can we shift this perspective to recognize the uniqueness of each person?

3. Taylor mentions the importance of deconditioning ourselves to fully express our true selves. What childhood beliefs or societal conditioning have shaped your identity, and how have they influenced your views on success and money?


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