Tackling Taboos: Challenging Society’s Perception of Panic Disorder and Anxiety With Dr. Jeanne Retief (1/3 Emotional Projector)

Oct 10, 2023
Ep 106 - Tackling Taboos: Challenging Society’s Perception of Panic Disorder and Anxiety With Dr. Jeanne Retief (1/3 Emotional Projector)

Welcome to the Provoking Prosperity Podcast, where we dive deep into topics surrounding success, fulfillment, and finding your own version of prosperity. I'm your host, Miranda Mitchell, and in today's episode, we have a very special guest joining us. Dr. Jeanne Marie, the founder of Figgi Beauty and Figgi Life, shares her inspiring journey of overcoming a panic disorder diagnosis and the challenges she faced along the way. Jeanne opens up about the misconceptions surrounding anxiety disorders and sheds light on the daily struggles individuals with panic disorder face. Join us as we explore the importance of understanding and supporting those dealing with mental health, as well as the role of medication in managing these conditions. Get ready for an episode filled with vulnerability and raw discussions.

About Dr. Jeanne Retief

Jeanne was diagnosed with Panic Disorder in 2015 which forced her to reconsider her life path and views on mental illness. Facing a health and soul crisis, she had to make difficult choices. The human rights career she built with a single-minded focus no longer inspired her, and the symptoms of her diagnosis were wreaking havoc on her life. Seeking peace but still craving a challenge - she created FIGGI Life & Beauty. FIGGI Life is for every woman like her who has struggled, achieved,and still seeks professional and personal purpose. She offers no secrets to happiness, only candid life experiences, a sacred space where its okay NOT to be okay and a judgment-free community. Sensitive skin was a constant symptom of her diagnosis, and so, after completing her Certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Chemistry she released her luxury skincare experience for sensitive souls with dry skin woes. *Jeanne is South African and now lives in Portugal with her husband, toddler and two dogs. She has a PhD in international criminal and humanitarian law, presented on key human rights issues worldwide, and consulted for 15 years in this field.

Key Topics/Show Notes of This Episode:

- importance of being real and authentic in today's filtered and branded world

- Jeanne's lifelong anxiety and sensitivity

- Difficult experiences of sexual abuse and assault that contributed to her panic disorder

- Difficulty in diagnosing panic disorder and the toll it takes on physical and mental health

- Society's misconceptions about panic disorder and anxiety-

- The nature of panic disorder and its constant presence in a person's life

-  "Panic Hangover"Primary Topic: Treatment and Medication

- The decision to take medication for a better quality of life despite personal reservations

- The importance of finding the right therapist and medication plan that works for each individual


Reflection Questions:

1. Notice if you have or have had your own perceptions of panic disorder? Do you have more awareness and emptahy towards others on their life path now that you have listened to this podcast?


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