Redefining Time: A New Perspective On Prosperity With Daniel ”The Past Life Regressionist”

Apr 18, 2023
Ep - 36 Redefining Time: A New Perspective On Prosperity With Daniel ”The Past Life Regressionist”

Daniel "The Past Life Regressionist" is on the Provoking Prosperity Podcast Today and we are so excited to dive in.

Daniel “The Past Life Regressionist,” is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner, and a Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) practitioner who wants to help you discover who, when, and where you've been across time. He feels the way he can do his part to make the world a better place, is to help free individuals from the karmic baggage they've been carrying around for multiple lives. He believes that once you’re free, you approach every decision from a different vantage point, which creates a butterfly effect that ripples around the world, and beyond space and time as we know it." He’s also the host of the podcast, “Timeless Spirituality”.

During the podcast episode, Daniel " The Past Life Regressionist" and Miranda discuss various topics related to life and prosperity, including past lives, the meaning of tangible objects, and what satisfaction means to Daniel. Daniel also talks about his unique perspective on time and how he wants to help people see time through a different lens. He believes that time doesn't always have to be an enemy and that people can find value in reflecting on their childhood homes and memories.


Show Notes and Timestamp:


Shift in Perspective [00:00:18]
Daniel talks about his recent experience of his childhood home being sold and how it made him reflect on the meaning of tangible objects and the energy we bring to spaces.

Satisfaction and Meaning [00:06:08]
Daniel discusses his understanding of satisfaction and how it relates to feeling like he has done well.

What Daniel Brings to the World [00:08:10]
Miranda asks Daniel what he brings to the world and encourages him to share his gifts and talents.

Time and Childhood Memories [00:08:33]
Daniel discusses his unique perspective on time and encourages listeners to think about their childhood memories and the meaning of tangible objects.

Mothers and Self-Healing [00:11:03]
Daniel talks about his session with Miranda and how it made him look at mothers differently, encouraging parents to work on themselves for their children's benefit.

Past Life Regression [00:15:26]
Daniel explains his approach to past life regression, tailoring each session to the individual and exploring patterns in their current life.

The Past Life Regression Process [00:18:14]
Daniel explains the process of past life regression and how it can be healing.

Time as a Human Construct [00:22:56]
Daniel discusses his evolving understanding of time and how it is a human construct.

Labels and Satisfaction [00:25:37]
Daniel reflects on the limitations of labels and how satisfaction can be achieved without them.


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Podcast: Timeless Spirituality




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