Reclaiming Authenticity through Movement and Mindfulness: Empowering Women to Embody their True Selves With Cole Coffman

Oct 17, 2023
Ep 108 - Reclaiming Authenticity through Movement and Mindfulness: Empowering Women to Embody their True Selves With Cole Coffman

In today's episode, we have a very special guest, Cole Coffman, a personal trainer, yoga teacher, and life coach based in Tampa, Florida. Cole takes us on her own journey of self-discovery and shares how she went from being a party girl to becoming an embodied and authentic woman.Cole opens up about her experiences growing up in a culture where drinking and partying were considered normal. She talks about the pressures she faced from her parents and herself to be perfect, leading her to seek escape through unhealthy behaviors. Cole candidly shares how this lifestyle became an integral part of her identity, even as she transitioned into adulthood and a corporate job. Get ready for a raw and vulnerable conversation as Cole opens up about her struggles and the profound impact of her spiritual awakening. Stay tuned as we explore how she turned her own life around and now supports others on their journey towards a more vibrant and fulfilled existence.

About Cole:

Cole Coffman is an Embodiment Coach, Yoga Teacher and Retreat Host based out of Tampa, FL. Six years ago Cole moved from Michigan to Florida with absolutely no plan at all aside from looking for change. Living in Flint, Michigan (amidst a public water crisis and in one of the most dangerous cities in America); she was partying, bartending, going to festivals, and using alcohol constantly to cope with her problems. She knew she was meant for more but didn't know what that was or how to get there. Enough was enough. Her and her now-husband packed up everything and moved to Tampa for a fresh start. During her first year living in Florida she attended Yoga Teacher Training and it changed the trajectory of her entire life. It was during this time she dove into personal development, plant medicine, meditation, manifestation and connecting deeply with herself. Over the next 5 years Cole has earned certification after certification within the wellness space, left full-time hospitality in pursuit of her own fitness & coaching business, and become an integrated wild woman (in the best way). She now holds healing circles, retreats, Ecstatic Dance experiences, and Kambo ceremonies alongside her husband Matt. They've turned their struggles into superpowers and have committed their lives to holding space for the holistic healing of others through the modalities that have helped heal them. She created her brand The Wild Within to help people to feel all parts of themselves - even the wild ones - with the goal of integration, not suppression.

Topics & Show Notes of This Episode:

- The reason behind Cole's party girl lifestyle and her struggles

- Cole's background and upbringing

- Expectations of perfection placed on her by her parents and herself

- Living a double life of being a high-achieving student and partying

- The influence of the environment 


Reflection Questions:

1. Can you relate to Cole's experience of using partying as a way to numb herself?

2.Have you ever turned to destructive behaviors to escape?

3. How did societal and cultural norms contribute to Cole's party girl lifestyle?


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