Human Design & Your Authentic Purpose Podcast with Emily Perry

Jun 30, 2021
Miranda Mitchell Guest Appearance on Emily Perry's Rock Your Purpose Podcast Episode 136

In this episode I join Emily Perry of  Rock Your Purpose Podcast where we dive into your potential and energy through the lens of human design. 

When we get to know ourselves— when we get to know our energy and the way that we respond in the world, and the way that we are here to bring our purpose to life— we unlock our potential.

I'm so excited for you to listen in on this conversation, we had a great conversation about energy, about your potential about the way you're designed about your unconscious and conscious design, and so much more. So Let's Dive in.

 Inside this show:

  • Miranda's journey of healing through Human Design
  • About your energy & your potential
  • What Human Design is, and how it describes your energy
  • About your unconscious and conscious Human Design
  • Energetic types in Human Design

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