Finding Prosperity Through Ashtanga Yoga Practice With Heather Serna

May 16, 2023
Ep 48 - Finding Prosperity Through Ashtanga Yoga Practice With Heather Serna

On this episode of The Provoking Prosperity Podcast, we explore the benefits and approach of Mysore yoga, a style of Ashtanga yoga where students work through the practice at their own pace with personalized adjustments. An experienced instructor at Yoga Village in Clearwater, Florida shares how the program welcomes students of all ages and experiences as part of an ever-growing core group. We also delve into the Heather Serna's personal journey of discovering yoga and spirituality and how their own teaching style is based on intuition and reflection. The episode concludes with a discussion on the continuous learning and growth in Ashtanga yoga and how it can serve as daily therapy for practitioners.

Heather Serna is a Authorized Level 2 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher who is a  truth seeker, and is always always l learning, and growing. She always felt like she didn't quite fit in and has spent much of her life seeking deeper meaning. One early experience that stands out was dating someone with an addiction, which sparked her interest in psychology. From there, Heather delved deeper into spirituality, yoga, and travel, continuously seeking to understand herself and the world around her, and because of this she knows her purpose here is to find her true self and to help others do the same.  She believes we are all mirrors and through others we reach our true self and she uses these teachings as a way to mirror back to the world 

Show Notes:

[00:01:07] "Journey of Self-Discovery: From Psychology to Yoga"
[00:02:28] "Yoga and India sparked a new calling"
[00:04:11] Discovering the Traditional Approach to Ashtanga Yoga.
[00:08:16] "Finding your own path in yoga practice"
[00:12:09] "Learning to Adjust: Embracing Phases in Life"
[00:13:39] "Mysore Program at Yoga Village in Florida"
[00:19:40] "The Power of Intuition: A Teacher's Secret Weapon"
[00:23:38] "Provoking Prosperity Through Abundance and Growth"
[00:27:40] "When Life Gets Busy: Prioritizing Your Practice"
[00:29:54] Astanga: A Physical and Spiritual Yoga Practice


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