Express, Don't Suppress: Finding Freedom Through Emotional Honesty With Miranda Mitchell And Rachael Weaver

Nov 30, 2023
Ep 120 - Express, Don't Suppress: Finding Freedom Through Emotional Honesty With Miranda Mitchell And Rachael Weaver

Welcome to the latest episode where Rachael and  divie deep into a subject that touches the heart of personal transformation and authenticity – the intersection of depth, aligned action, self-expression, and the deconditioning of the voice.
My special guest is Rachael Weaver, a voice that resonates with wisdom in the journey of self-discovery and empowerment. We discuss uncovering the layers that hold us back from expressing ourselves fully, we'll explore why so many of us have suppressed our voices over time and discuss the pathways to reclaiming that lost part of our identity.

Show Notes:

Personal Emotional Journey
- Miranda's experiences with anger and fear
   - Childhood impact on emotional expression
   - Working through anger and vulnerability

  Suppression and Authenticity
 - Effects of suppressed emotions
   - The need for releasing emotions like crying and sadness


Connection between guilt and voice suppression
Parental Approach and Conditioning
- Allowing our children to express emotions freely
   - The release of conditioning for authenticity

Goal-Setting and Honesty
- The challenge of setting unrealistic goals
   - Importance of being honest when setting and committing to goals
   - Role of accountability and support systems


Societal Norms and Creativity
- Stifling of creativity due to societal expectations
   - open head and ajna centers


Undefined and Defined Centers in Human Design
- Root and will center implications
    - Avoiding burnout through awareness of defined centers
Pressure and Identity
Taking on other people's identities
    - Understanding and holding space for others' insecurities

Upcoming Voice Deconditioning Program
Details of the new program centered on authentic expression
   - Support for those fearful of showing their authentic selves
   - Encouraging embracing discomfort


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