Embrace Present Moment Living for Prosperity With Human Design

Jan 30, 2024
Ep 125 - Embrace Present Moment Living for Prosperity With Human Design

Welcome to the Provoking Prosperity podcast with your host, Miranda Mitchell.

In this episode, Miranda shares her reflections and awarenesses during the holiday season, discussing the importance of being present and trusting in the right timing. She dives into the impact of human design on her life and business, emphasizing the significance of creativity and re-establishing a connection to one's passion. Miranda also unveils upcoming changes to the podcast and her website, inviting listeners to join her in a transformative vision board workshop. Tune in for an insightful discussion on embracing creativity and trusting in life's unfoldment.

Show Notes:

- Personal Reflections and Awarenesses

- Trusting in the Present Moment

-  Human Design and Manifestation

- Embracing Creativity and Shifting Perspective

- Updates and Offerings


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