Create a Quantum Leap in Your Life

Mar 30, 2022
Miranda Mitchell Guest Appearance on  The Coffee Break Show Podcast with Vickie Helm

In this episode I join Vickie Helm of The Coffee Break Show Podcast where we learn how connecting with YOUR energy creates a #quantum leap in your life. Uncover what energy is yours and what energy is not through Human Design. How to create sustainability, ease and abundance based on your Human Design. How to create more impact in the world through the lens of Human Design as entrepreneur.


01:22 What is Human design?

11:26 How to move forward with human design

13:49 "You don't have potential, You are potential" ~ VH

15:30 "What if you are more than you think you are?" ~ VH

16:04 3 TIPS to starting the process

17:55 Create a life you love

20:26 The Energetic types

30:42 How to Align with Your Purpose

43:41 How to tap into divine timing

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