Breaking the Chains: Historical Inequalities and Raising Awareness for Women in Money With Erin West

Jul 27, 2023
Ep 79 - Breaking the Chains: Historical Inequalities and Raising Awareness for Women in Money With Erin West

On this episode of The Provoking Prosperity Podcast, our guest Erin West dives deep into the topics of grounding, integrity, and deconditioning on a spiritual level. They discuss the significance of the number Gate 26 and how tuning into gate 26 can aid in healing and finding one's voice. Erin emphasizes the importance of expressing oneself while also being aware of how it may provoke others. Erin shares her personal journey of teaching and educating women about money, highlighting the historical inequalities women faced in regards to financial access, and she reflects on their experience with faith and trusting in divine timing, and how discovering human design played a pivotal role in understanding her energy and crafting a life aligned with it.  Erin shares a beautiful perspective on trading as a form of shadow work and how she has found comfort in handling losses ( and can teach you). Lastly, they discuss the transition into a phase of being a role model or teacher and the support it holds within the facts of their own life journey. 

Erin is an Ivy League graduate and lawyer who found herself at a crossroads as her two decade marriage to her childrens' father was ending. She could either continue on with a high-achieving life that left her exhausted, stressed and with challenging physical symptoms. Or she could redesign her life to be aligned with what made her feel most fully herself. She chose the latter. During what she calls her "blank slate" period, she slow-traveled globally with her kids and began learning to trade stocks for income. Eventually her friends, who were still tired and stressed themselves, began to ask her to teach them how to trade. In early 2022, she began teaching them and has continued teaching women this powerful sovereignty practice that is an essential tool for self-inquiry and living the soft life.

Show Notes: 

00:00:31 First encounter with human design was transformative.
00:03:55 Preparing for life, trying different roles, transitioning to mentor.
00:07:34 AHA moments with human design, coping with sensitivity.
00:11:34 Being affected by others' energy, knowing your own.
00:15:43 Trusting in divine timing, faith, growth.
00:17:19 Shadow work: embracing discomfort, loss, and growth.
00:22:51 Childhood trauma, mean girls, no speaking, provoking.
00:25:31 Stirring feeling, past conditioning, voice integrity.
00:29:10 Continual self-improvement through cautious experimentation and reflection.
00:32:36 Sharing ideas and inspiration, tuning into strategy.
00:36:29 Money beliefs grip women, not their fault.
00:38:56 The gene keys illuminate human design aspects.

Faith and Trusting in Divine Timing: "Trusting in divine timing when there's new insight...for me, I think of faith. Right? When I think of faith is like knowing something good will come even if we don't know when or by what means."— Erin West 

Life Is Beautiful.



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