Breaking Gender Norms: The Pressure On Women To Conform With Elizabeth Pearson

May 30, 2023
Ep 54 - Breaking Gender Norms: The Pressure On Women To Conform With Elizabeth Pearson

"On this episode of The Provoking Prosperity Podcast, we explore the societal conditioning of women and the impacts it has on their careers and personal lives. From body standards leading to a wealth and power gap, to the pressure to conform to certain roles, our guest speaker, Elizabeth Pearson shares her  spiritual journey of self-discovery. We discuss practical strategies for finding fulfillment in your career, aligning with your spirituality, and overcoming doubt to manifest your goals. Together Miranda and Elizabeth discuss the power of shifting your perspective and understanding what true abundance and prosperity means. Tune in for inspiring stories of personal and professional growth, and practical tools for finding alignment in your life."


Elizabeth Pearson is a professional life coach, spiritual seeker, writer, wife, and mother. She specializes in getting women “unstuck” so they can achieve their highest goals in all aspects of life. Throughout her 13-year sales career, Elizabeth has built brands such as Vitamin Water and Coca-Cola, as well as managed national accounts such as Amazon, Target, Whole Foods, Walmart, and others. Elizabeth parlays her corporate and entrepreneurial success into her coaching of Powerhouse women in C-suite and above level roles.


Show Notes:

[00:01:22] "From Corporate America to Coaching: My Journey"
"Gender expectations and the need for change"
"Body Bias: How Appearance Affects Women's Earnings"
"Law of Attraction and the Power Within"
"Creating Authentic Career Paths Through Spiritual Alignment"
"Take this as a sign to make changes"


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