Breaking Boundaries: Unleashing Your Potential Beyond Social Norms with the Modality of Human Design With Miranda Mitchell

Jul 10, 2023
Episode 71 -Breaking Boundaries: Unleashing Your Potential Beyond Social Norms with the Modality of Human Design With Miranda Mitchell

On this episode of The Provoking Prosperity Podcast, host Miranda Mitchell delves into the concept of staying in a box, particularly with regards to human design. She talks about how people get caught up in their human design type, strategy, and authority, and end up limiting themselves. Miranda emphasizes the importance of having awareness and seeing the tangible energy within oneself. In addition to that, Miranda discusses the value of discomfort for personal growth and the need for personal development in one's profession. She also talks about how being authentic can disrupt the status quo and that failure and mistakes are a natural part of striving towards growth. 

Show Notes:

[00:08:35] Authenticity, disruption, potential, relationships, fear, self-love.

Reflection Questions:

1. How has human design helped you gain awareness of your own energy?
2. What are some ways that you've felt like you're in a box, and how have you tried to break out of it?
3. How has discomfort helped you grow personally and professionally?
4. How do you balance pushing yourself to grow with self-love and acceptance of your current state?
5. In what ways do you think societal norms restrict our perception of prosperity and wealth?
6. How can we use personal experience and energy to grow and help others?
7. How do you define authenticity in the context of business and personal growth?
8. Have you had experiences with restrictive exercise routines that have limited your growth?
9. How do you balance diligence with self-care and listening to your body?
10. In what ways have you felt societal pressure to stay in a certain box, and how have you learned to embrace your unique energy?


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