Authentically Yours: Navigating the Depths of Self-Expression With Miranda Mitchell

Nov 14, 2023
Ep 116 - Authentically Yours: Navigating the Depths of Self-Expression With Miranda Mitchell

Today is all about reflection, growth, and authenticity. I'll be sharing stories from my personal journey, revealing my struggle with seriousness at "work", and discussing how embracing change can lead to personal transformation.

We'll explore the Gene Keys, a tool that has brought me deep self-awareness, and how you, too, can discover this wisdom. We'll address how shifting our perspective on work can lead not only to enjoyment but also to personal growth. In today's episode, you'll discover the role of stillness, focus, and concentration in finding your authentic voice and purpose.

Remember, embracing the chaos, discomfort, and even the fears that come with personal growth is part of the journey. Let's provoke prosperity together and step into our authentic voices. Ready? Let's jump right in! 


Show Notes:

-  Miranda's Personal Journey 
    - Her struggles with self-judgment and career prioritizing
    - Her transformative journey in self-identity, relationships, and business

- Reflecting on Work and Perspective Shift
    - Encouraging listeners to consider a different perspective on work
    - The link between perspective and perception of the difficulty of work

- Astrology and Self-growth
    - The significance of Miranda's astrological chart
    - Introduction of the Gene Keys and their influence on Miranda's journey
    - Invitation to listeners to explore their own Gene Keys activation

-  Miranda's Programs and Offerings
    - Introduction to Miranda's 'liberate your voice' session
    - Session details, purpose, and cost
 Authenticity and Expression
    - The importance of authenticity and using one's voice sincerely
    - Miranda's struggle with seriousness and self-judgment on career prioritization

- Tools for Personal Growth and Self-discovery
    - Introduction to Miranda's format channel, 952
    - The role of human design, gene keys, stillness practices, and fun in self-discovery and healing
    - Discussion around emotional authority and open emotional centers
    - Miranda's core wound and the desire to support others in their growth

- Availability for Readings and Sessions
     - Availability for foundational readings or chart sessions
     - Introduction to a new, shorter session, 'liberate your voice'


Reflection Practice: 

1. What secrets about our energy can be revealed from the Human Design Chart?

2. Can we explore and understand the intricate patterns and energies within our body graph?

3. How can uncovering the visual complexity of the body graph lead us to discover our authentic self?


Miranda's Information:

Coupon for Introductory Session : Use: PROVOKING

Liberating Your Voice Information

The "Liberate Your Voice" session is 1:1 35 minute transformative experience designed to help you unlock the power of your authentic self-expression. This session is crafted to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and liberation of your unique voice so that you reconnect to your self expression in a compassionate and loving way.

We have all been conditioned and that is on - it is the awareness of the conditioning that encourages you to take those uncomfortable steps in releasing it that liberates your self expression and your heart.


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