Aligning Stars and Signs: The Magic of Human Design and Astrology for Your Authentic Self With Miranda Mitchell

Jun 29, 2023
Ep 67 - Aligning Stars and Signs: The Magic of Human Design and Astrology for Your Authentic Self With Miranda Mitchell

On this episode of The Provoking prosperity podcast, Miranda delves into the world of astrology teaching. Our guest speaker advises starting slowly with the basics before implementing deeper learning. They discuss gates, blinds, and houses to understand how they affect you in multiple layers. The speaker explains how understanding conditioning can allow people to be their true selves and make the impact they desire. They share their personal experience with difficult experiences and the importance of making mistakes to gain wisdom. Additionally, Miranda discusses human design and how it requires practice before being able to teach it effectively, much like yoga. There are also discussions on various gates, lines, and grounding elements in astrology. Finally, the podcast offers reflection questions and encourages listeners to connect and collaborate for support in their human design journey.

Show Notes:

[00:02:28] "Connection, collaboration, support are important in astrology."
[00:06:52] Energy of who you are in alignment.
[00:09:46] Balancing north and south nodes is important.
[00:11:28] Find true self, impact, and support.
[00:14:52] Immature masculinity. Jupiter blessings. Saturn lessons.

Reflections Questions:

1. What aspects of astrology did you find most interesting in this episode?
2. Can astrology be helpful for self-discovery and personal growth?
3. What do you think are some of the benefits of exploring one's South and North Nodes in astrology?
4. Have you ever received an astrology reading or delved into astrology yourself? What was your experience like?
5. What do you think are some of the challenges that can come from deconditioning and finding one's true self?
6. How do you think understanding our conditioning can help us make an impact in our lives?
7. Do you agree that there are multiple layers to human design and astrology? What are some of these layers?
8. How can we effectively teach and learn astrology and human design?
9. Do you believe in the concept of astrology aspects such as gates, blinds, and houses? Why or why not?
10. How can astrology and human design help us in practical ways such as work or relationships?


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