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Meditation is the “calming the mind”.

This is a lot harder to practice than it seems because we in society have been conditioned (taught) that the more we “do” the more successful we are. The more that we can get done on our to-do list and fit into our day means that we have not wasted a minute.

I have noticed a pattern when working with my clients when it comes to practices that help support listening to THEIR inner wisdom.

  • They truly do not believe that it “will work” for them- so they give up and look into a new modality that they read or heard worked for someone else - only to try for a bit and go to something else.
  • When it gets hard they want to give up and try something new rather than being in the uncomfortable.
  • They are looking for an end result rather than learning to enjoy the practice itself- doing something only for the outcome.

You may wonder how having a consistent meditation practice helps you with the implementation of Human Design.

Human Design gives you your Blueprint to what energy is yours consistently and what energy is taken in from the environment and others around you. The areas that are undefined or open (white) are areas that we can very easily become conditioned. This happens throughout life with how + where you were brought up as well as the experiences and beliefs you have about yourself and the world.

The thing about conditioning is that we have to cultivate time and space to slow down so that you can catch yourself in the pattern when it is happening.

If you are looking for guidance and support in your stillness and self-realization practice I would be honored to "sit" with you.

Upcoming Meditation Practices

Practicing the Pause is a 45 minutes meditation practice that is typically offered the 1st (10AM EST) and 3rd Saturday (4PM EST) of each month depending on holidays. Please double check the dates before purchasing.

Join me for a live practice where we will come together and practice Annapansatti (awareness of breath) as I guide you deeper into the silence” between the spaces”. We will “sit” together with the opportunity to share and reflect in community so that the practice is both powerful on a global and personal level.


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