Voices and Prosperity: Achieving Success With Authenticity With Miranda Mitchell

Jun 19, 2023
Ep 62 - Voices and Prosperity: Achieving Success With Authenticity With Miranda Mitchell

On this episode of The provoking Prosperity Podcast, we explore the connection between voice and prosperity with host Miranda Mitchell. The podcast aims to encourage conscious leaders to align their success with their creative flow and understanding of true prosperity. We dive into the concept of voice and self-expression, with Miranda sharing her personal trauma around being silenced and encouraging listeners to reflect.

Show Notes:

[00:00:59] Manifesting self-expression through our voice.
[00:06:21] Voice and prosperity are connected authentically.



1. What does Miranda talk about in this episode?

Answer: Miranda talks about the concept of voice and self-expression, and how it relates to prosperity.

2. What personal experiences drive Miranda's interest in the topic of voice?

Answer: Miranda has personal trauma around her voice that made her small and believe that her voice did not matter.

3. What does Miranda encourage listeners to do in regards to their own voice and self-expression?

Answer: Miranda encourages listeners to reflect on their own relationship with their voice and self-expression, and to step into their own voices and beliefs without fear of judgment or the need to defend themselves.

4. How does Miranda suggest listeners can decondition themselves from societal restrictions and expectations?

Answer: Miranda suggests practices like human design and the gene keys can lead to a deeper connection with one's authentic self and expression in the world.

5. What is the connection between expressing oneself and feelings of prosperity?

Answer: Expressing oneself without worrying about others can lead to feelings of prosperity.

6. What is the key takeaway from this episode of the "Miranda" podcast?

Answer: The key takeaway from this episode is the importance of using one's voice and self-expression to find prosperity and fulfill one's life purpose.


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