Unlocking the Power of Shadow Work With Human Design: How Childhood Experiences Shape Our Lives and Business

Oct 05, 2023
Ep 105 - Unlocking the Power of Shadow Work With Human Design: How Childhood Experiences Shape Our Lives and Business

n today's episode,Miranda shares her personal experiences with studying  the depths of human design and how the process of taking information in, integrating and experimenting with it and then going back to learn and digest more has been a transformative part of her journey in connecting with her authentic self expression. Miranda opens up about the process of repetition with vulnerability and  compassion for each and every person in where they are at in that moment. She then shares about her beliefs and her personal journey of self-discovery through the power of releasing anger  Equine Gestalt, a modality that is getting trained in. Miranda firmly believes that anger is a natural emotion that should not be shamed or suppressed and how it is important to find a safe space to express it in a way that is transformative and liberating, allowing individuals to find their authentic voice and speak their truth.

Join us as we dive deeper into understanding our charts, expanding self-awareness, and embracing the power anger and shadows that helps us step into of our emBODHIed voices. 

Key Topics/Show Notes of This Episode:

- Embracing Anger- Viewing anger as a natural emotion  

- Embodied Voice and Releasing Repressed Feelings

- Exploring human design for personal deconditioning

- The importance of working with shadows

- The value of responding instead of planning (Generator Types)

- Identifying open and defined centers for deconditioning

- Letting go of societal norms and embracing authenticity

-  Unfiltered Masterclass

- Childhood experiences and beliefs

- The role of the centers and inner guidance in Human Design

 Reflection Questions:

1. Miranda talks about embracing shadows and vulnerability. How do you view these aspects of yourself? Are you comfortable exploring them?2. How has writing or other forms of self-expression helped you gain clarity and understanding of your own emotions and thoughts?


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