Unlock Your True Potential And Live An Authentic Life Full Of Excitement And Adventure

Mar 13, 2023
Ep 19 - Unlock Your True Potential And Live An Authentic Life Full Of excitement And Adventure

In this episode I talk about the Gate 22 which guides the emotions and Gate 35 which fuels the thirst for new experiences. 

Gate 22 is the Gate of  Openness - Grace in traditional Human Design and the Gate of Surrender in Quantum Human Design.  This Gate is all about the pressure to express feelings, but the feelings are always associated with the "mood" of the individual. 

Gate 35 is the Gate of Change - Progress in traditional Human Design and the Gate of Experience in Quantum Human Design. This is a gate that loves to live fully and experience life to the fullest, always looking for something new. 

With Gate 22 guiding your emotions and Gate 35 fueling your thirst for new experiences, their is no limit to what you can achieve. Use the energy that we are in so that you create more potential for your personal and business growth.


Life is Beautiful.




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