Unleashing Your Inner Power With The Repetition Of "Going Back" Through The lens of Human Design And The Gene Keys

Dec 12, 2023
Ep 123 - Unleashing Your Inner Power With The Repetition Of "Going Back" Through The lens of Human Design And The Gene Keys

Welcome to The Provoking Prosperity podcast.  Today, we explore the transformative power of self-reflection, as I share my equine gestalt training experience and how it's shaping my approach to personal growth. Miranda talks about redefining strength, breaking familial patterns, and my commitment to an intense personal development training this June in Colorado, fully embracing the challenge during my Chiron return. For the creatives, I encourage you to reconnect with your inner voice, and I offer support through my programs We'll delve into my upcoming "Dancing with Shadows and Stillness" Journey, an intimate nine-month journey designed for deep change.
Join us as I guide you through the importance of perspective, recognizing life's signs, and stepping into your true potential. Be sure to follow, leave a review, and reach out for a chance to work together on a path of prosperity and authenticity. Let's get started.


Show Notes:

-  Miranda shares her recent experience with equine gestalt training.

 - The role of reflection on past events and recognizing synchronicities.

- The use of repetition to grasp and convey her experiences thoroughly.

- Perception of Weakness and Strength

- Challenges as Catalysts for Growth

- Utilizing Signs for Personal Development

-  Self-Awareness and Creativity


Fun Facts!

Fun Facts!

1. Miranda is a Manifesting Generator with an undefined head center, which influences how she learns and shares experiences.
2. She participated in equine gestalt training, finding it instrumental to her personal transformations and healing.
3. Miranda has an upcoming intense personal growth training coinciding with her Chiron return, taking place in Colorado.


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