Unleash Your Voice To Shine Your Light With Laura Lee

Feb 07, 2023
Ep. 5 - Unleash Your Voice To Shine Your Light With Laura Lee

In this episode I get to chat with a beautiful friend of mine Laura Lee. Although I have known her for a few years and have even gone to Egypt with her I do not know a lot of her personal story.  I am so grateful that we get to dive in a bit about her and what she brings to the world.


" Prosperity is Full Access" - Laura Lee


Laura Lee supports and guides empaths, creatives, entrepreneurs and leaders who are ready to stop hiding, staying small or second guessing themselves and instead plug back into the light of their soul.

Laura’s gift is her heart, her passion and devotion and her unique way of tuning people back into their innate gifts, voice and inner wisdom, empowering them to become the person they were created to be and to share their unique soul medicine with the world.

Over the past 11 years, Laura has championed women and girls to reclaim their voice and deeply embrace all parts of who they are to step into a sacred union of their fullest selves creating a ripple of freedom and impact in their lives, their families and their soul aligned work in the world.

After spending years disconnected from her own voice and living in a perpetual state of fixing what she thought was either too much or not enough, she knows the life-shifting journey of choosing to reclaim the parts of ourselves we thought were wrong and step into our truest boldest, brightest self.

Laura holds certifications and trainings in NLP and Transformational Coaching, Trauma Informed Sacred Depths coaching and group facilitation, Social Emotional Arts Facilitation, Conscious Connected Breathwork (rebirthing breathwork) holistic health and various somatic based healing modalities.


Show Notes

(1:01) Laura's story and why she is passionate about unleashing herself in this world

(8:11) The power of BEING in your purpose rather than doing your purpose

11:27) How vibrating at the truth give other people permission to be authentic

(12:54) Laura's version of prosperity

(16:57) The power thats unleashed by working with Laura


To learn more you can visit her:

Website www.lauraleelife.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lifewithlauralee/

And Be on the lookout for her podcast Launch in February 2023

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