Trading with Emotion: The Role of Human Psychology in Stock Trading With Erin West

Jul 25, 2023
 Ep 78 - Trading with Emotion: The Role of Human Psychology in Stock Trading With Erin West

On this episode of The Provoking Prosperity Podcast, we dive into a discussion with Erin West who is the Creator [of Humans Who Trade, the transformational stock-trading course for formidable women].  As an Ivy League graduate and lawyer, Erin found herself at a crossroads as her two decade marriage to her childrens' father was ending. She could either continue on with a high-achieving life that left her exhausted, stressed and with challenging physical symptoms. Or she could redesign her life to be aligned with what made her feel most fully herself. She chose the latter. During what she calls her "blank slate" period, she slow-traveled globally with her kids and began learning to trade stocks for income. Eventually her friends, who were still tired and stressed themselves, began to ask her to teach them how to trade. In early 2022, she began teaching them and has continued teaching women this powerful sovereignty practice that is an essential tool for self-inquiry and living the soft life.

The focus of Human Who Trade is on creating ease, meeting people where they are at in each and every moment, and allowing them to learn at their own pace. It is with this approach that once you invest in the course you get to retake it as many times as you would like.

Erin (a Mental Projector) talks about her sporadic work style and the realization of the importance of restoring energy regularly. Through her work, she discovered personal realizations and observed patterns from the natural world in financial numbers and stock trading. Erin's approach to teaching incorporates subconscious beliefs and working with the nervous system, supported by extensive academic research. We also touch on the idea of money as a spiritual practice and emphasize the importance of connection and community in their work. 

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00:01:02 Discovering depth in the practice of making money became a spiritual journey, teaching others the powerful skill tied to inner work. 
00:06:12 Inconsistent work, financial realization, patterns in numbers and emotions of stock trading.
00:09:44 Chart analysis and a program being offered, emphasizing the distribution of resources but questioning who it is for and how it works.
00:13:12 Real life examples with spiritual references, focused on subconscious beliefs and the nervous system for trading success. Supported by academic research. Not just transactional, step-by-step guidance provided.
00:15:44 Unexpected realization of feeling unworthy of success.
00:23:01 Redeeming your voice and embracing life's ups and downs.
00:25:46 Learning to trust, allowing for growth, provocation, and stepping out of comfort zones.
00:26:58 Our constant physiological shifts are essential

Here are Erin's details!

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