Thought Provoking Question On Internal Peace and Gate 37 in Human Design

Feb 27, 2023
Ep. 13 - Thought Provoking Question On Internal Peace and Gate 37 in Human Design

The sun has moved into the Gate 37 in Human Design. This is the Gate of Peace in Quantum Human design™ and the Gate Of Friendship in Traditional Human Design. 

The Astrological Sign associated with it is Pisces and the organs associated with it are the Kidneys and Pancreas.

The energy of the Gate is about either wanting peace (higher expression) or not wanting peace (shadow expression).

If you have this gate defined in your chart it means that there is a theme of emotional alignment and the need for peace in family, relationships and friendships. Take a look at which planet this gate is activated in. It will help you with even more awareness. Notice how the energy of this gate shows up for you.

As always, you have all of the chart, even the areas that are "white" in the chart. This just means that the energy is variable and experienced in many different ways depending who you are around and who you are being in that moment.

Life Is Beautiful.




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