Thought Provoking Insight: How To Love Life For The Experience Not The Outcome

Mar 06, 2023
Ep. 16 - Thought Provoking Insight: How To Love Life For The Experience, Not The Outcome

In This podcast I reflect on the importance of living life through each experience rather than the outcome of the experience.

As Humans we often do things so that there is an outcome. For example someone may want to meditate because it makes them feel better, or it makes their mind more clear.

What if you chose to meditate for the jy of meditation itself? What would the experience be like then?

There is no judgement in having desiring an outcome in the beginning because this gives most of us motivation to follow through to achieve goals and feel motivated to keep moving forward.This question or insight is for reflection only, without judgement in where you are at in this very moment.Change starts with awareness, and this is what this podcast is about - provoking change through prospective and opening the mind to something new.

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I appreciate you.

Life is Beautiful.


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