The Path To Self Realization: Unraveling The Wisdom Encoded In Your Personal BodyGraph With Miranda Mitchell

Aug 24, 2023
Ep 91 -  The Path To Self Realization: Unraveling The Wisdom Encoded In Your Personal BodyGraph With Miranda Mitchell

Welcome back to another episode of The provoking Prosperity Podcast where we dive deep into the world of human design. Are you ready to unlock your true potential? Today's episode is all about learning and integrating the basics of the human design chart. So, my question to you is: Have you ever wondered how your energetic makeup influences your nature and interactions? Well, get ready to discover the answers.

In this episode, Miranda takes us on a journey to explore the body graph of the human design chart. She reminds us of the importance of reflection and subtlety as we delve into the different energy centers, channels, and gates that make up our unique energetic profile. By studying and understanding our personal body graphs, we gain valuable insights into our authentic selves, learning how we're meant to express, embody, and navigate the world around us.

Join Miranda as she unravels the significance of the split in the chakra system and its evolution into the nine centers of the body graph. She introduces each center, from the inspiring head to the survival-oriented root, guiding us to understand their roles in shaping our inner being. So grab a pen and paper, print out your body graph, and get ready to unlock the secrets of your energetic makeup in this foundational episode.


Show Notes:

-  Importance of going back and reflecting on things in the human design chart

-  Understanding the body graph and its components

-  Evolutionary split of the chakras in the body graph

- Overview of the nine centers in the body graph

-  Exploring gate activations and channels in the body graph

Actionable Steps:

If you have listened to this recording and are interested in implementing the principles of understanding the body graph and utilizing human design within your organization, here are some detailed next steps:

1. Further educate yourself: Take the time to go back and listen to previous podcasts mentioned by Miranda that delve into the teachings of the body graph and human design. This will help you gain a deeper understanding of the concepts involved. Here are a few of the teaching episodes that were mentioned : 34, 40, 58. 64

2. Personalize your learning: Print out your own personal body graph and study it. Familiarize yourself with the different shapes, lines, and centers that represent various aspects of your energetic makeup. This visual representation will provide valuable insights into your authentic self and how you interact with the world around you.

3. Seek guidance from an expert: Consider booking an introductory session or a prosperity session with Miranda or another qualified practitioner. These sessions will provide personalized guidance and support as you dive deeper into understanding your body graph and integrating human design principles into your life.

4. Embrace subtlety: Remember the importance of doing the subtlety work. Just like building muscle, it's not just about focusing on the visible "pretty muscle." Pay attention to the intricate balancing in the energies and centers within your body graph. This will help you develop a more holistic and authentic expression of yourself.

5. Focus on bodily response: Human design emphasizes the connection to the body and responding to its wisdom rather than relying solely on the mind. Practice feeling in your body and responding through that awareness rather than letting the mind take over. This may require unlearning conditioned patterns of decision-making and embracing a more intuitive approach.

Remember, it's a journey of self-discovery and integration. Take your time, be patient with yourself, and allow the wisdom encoded in your personal body graph to guide you towards self-realization and deeper insights within your organization.


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