The Frequency Effect: How Your Energetic Vibration Shapes Your Business And Personal Growth With Miranda Mitchell

Aug 22, 2023
Ep 90 - The Frequency Effect: How Your Energetic Vibration Shapes Your Business And Personal Growth With Miranda Mitchell

Welcome to the Provoking Prosperity Podcast with your host, Miranda Mitchell. In this episode Miranda explores the concept of frequency and its impact on our personal and professional lives. As an entrepreneur or conscious leader, our energy and frequency directly influence our business. Miranda explains how the energy we put into our work and the way we show up each day shapes our business and the experiences we attract.

Miranda delves into the idea that our frequency fluctuates, influenced by external factors like the moon, people around us, and even our own hormones. She emphasizes the importance of reconnecting with ourselves and being mindful of the frequency we are emitting while creating and building our businesses. Importantly, Miranda reminds us that staying in a frequency out of force is not sustainable. It is essential to flow and fluctuate without judgment or frustration.

Miranda also shares her observations regarding creatives and their unique experience of frequency. She highlights the creative potential that arises even in lower frequencies and how an understanding of our own prosperity can guide us towards a fulfilling business and life. Drawing from her personal experience and extensive study, Miranda encourages listeners to embrace the ever-changing nature of frequency, accepting and loving themselves in each moment. There is no "good" and "bad". It just is the moment.

Tune in to this thought-provoking episode to learn how to navigate frequency in your life and business.

Top 5 Topics:

-  The importance of frequency in business and life.
-  How our frequency affects our business and the energy we put into it.
-  The idea of creating from a place of scarcity versus abundance.
-  Fluctuations in frequency and how to navigate them without judgment.
-  The significance of embracing and accepting the changing nature of frequency.


Reflection/Discussion Questions:

1. How does frequency play a role in our personal and business growth?
2. What are some signs that indicate we may be operating from a lower frequency in our business?
3. How can we become more aware of the frequency we are projecting and perceiving?
4. What impact does societal conditioning have on our frequency and prosperity?
5. How can we maintain a balance between acknowledging our fluctuating frequency and still striving for success?
6. In what ways can creatives navigate the fluctuations of frequency in their work?
7. How does our emotional solar plexus influence our experience of prosperity and frequency?
8. What practices can help us ground ourselves and connect to our inner knowing amidst changing frequencies?
9. How do external factors like the moon, planets, and the people around us affect our frequency?
10. How can accepting and loving ourselves in every frequency help us move through it with more ease and compassion?


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