The Awakened Sacral: Exploring the Relationship Between Sacral Response and Manifestation

Oct 26, 2023
Ep 111 - The Awakened Sacral: Exploring the Relationship Between Sacral Response and Manifestation

In this episode there is an we touch on the topic of human design and how it is becoming more popular in mainstream culture and the need  need for accurate and informed content is important with learning and implementing human design, as there is a lot of misinformation circulating. We encourage listeners to refer to their own birth charts and engage actively with the material rather than just gathering information.

This episode of Miranda provides valuable insights and tools for anyone who feels held back in expressing their true selves while exploreing the depths of self-expression and aligned action through learning how to decondition our voices for a more empowered and authentic way of being. As Miranda dives into the depths of self-expression and the process of deconditioning our voices she shares her personal journey of coming to terms with the suppression of her voice and the fears associated with speaking her truth.

We explore the connection between sacral response and self-expression, highlighting the importance of tuning into our intuitive knowledge and finding ways to express it authentically, and discuss how the sacral response can serve as a guide, allowing us to initiate and speak with the right timing.

Miranda's experience of having a strong sacral response and how she connected to her inner authority can serve as an inspiration in learning how to tune into your unique energy so that you expressing and living your life authentically.

Show Notes:

- Importance of tuning into intuitive knowledge and expressing it

- Trusting the sacral response but backpedaling due to fear

- Personal experience of having activations in the spleen indicating many fears

- Encouragement to practice with repetition and add depth to understanding

- Emphasis on personal perspectives shaping the understanding and integration of human design

- Influence of chosen teacher in understanding and application of human design

- Open-mindedness and constant learning leading to uncertainty at times

- Manifesting generator's role in seeding and initiating

- Reliance on spleen for present moment guidance and response

- Unique ways of responding for each person

- Discussion of activations and their implications

- Physical movements witnessed as responses when sacral is connected to throat

- Spleen connection indicating health and well-being-

- Will center's role in pushing through challenges and commitments

- Sacral connection to G center representing identity and vulnerability in responding

- Emotional authority and the need for tuning into one's unique emotional wave

- Society's suppression of expression and fears of hurting others or not being enough



1. How has Miranda's personal experiences shaped their fears and hesitations in expressing themselves?

2. Do you relate to the speaker's fear of using their voice? Have you ever experienced a similar situation?

3. How does the Miranda believe our sacral response impacts our ability to speak and express ourselves?


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