Stripping Identities: Raw Growth Beyond Layers with Human Design and The Gene Key Modalities

Dec 07, 2023
Ep 122 - Stripping Identities: Raw Growth Beyond Layers with Human Design and The Gene Key Modalities

This episode is for anyone who's felt that urge to guard their heart, to silence their fears and dreams. Miranda will share how silence and facing the unknown can help you stretch beyond the mental confines that limit your life. Today, we're not just talking about growth—we’re discussing the life force of creativity and self-expression. Miranda takes us through her intimate story of transformation—a tale of how childhood conditioning led her to close off, but with time and awareness, she learned to embrace her feelings and the beauty of experiences. as she takes us through her journey of her struggles with creativity, validation, and the pursuit of authenticity while she discusses the insightful philosophy behind Human Design and Gene Keys.

Join us as we question whether it's worth staying in a safe box, or if we're ready to embrace the messy, exciting path of growth, and for those looking to reignite that inner spark, Miranda has a special and invaluable offer for you to to delve deeper below.

Show Notes:

- Safety Limits Growth
- Embracing Uncertainty
- Self-Love, Creativity, Authenticity
- Seeking Validation, Struggling with Self-Worth
- Giving and Receiving Resources
- Choosing Between Growth and Safety


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