(Special Episode) Unraveling the Hidden Curse of Suppression: The Secret Societal Conditioning That Hinders Your True Self-Expression In Marketing With Rachael Weaver

Oct 31, 2023
Ep 112- (Special Episode) Unraveling the Hidden Curse of Suppression: The Secret Societal Conditioning That Hinders Your True Self-Expression In Marketing With Rachael Weaver

In this special episode of the Provoking Prosperity Podcast, Miranda has her friend, co-creator and fellow Human Design expert Rachael Weaver on . In today's thought-provoking discussion, Miranda and Rachael opens up about their experiences of finding it easier to blend in and be agreeable rather than embracing their true self. They dive deep into the concept that many people suppress their authenticity in order to feel valued and seen, leading to unhappiness and an internal struggle. They discuss the exploration of self-discovery and healing, as they share their own transformative journey of stepping out of their comfort zone in business and relationships. From powerful emotional releases to reevaluating conditioned beliefs, Rachael and Miranda dive into the ways societal expectations oppress personal expression and how it impacts our lives. They challenge us to imagine who we would be without these limitations and encourages us to embrace deeper conversations and discussions in our own lives. Join us for the first of many podcasts where Miranda and Rachael come to share, answer questions and dive deep into all things with the voice and marketing!

Show Notes: 

-  Uncovering Your Authentic Self
- Exploring the fears and hesitations people have in expressing their true beliefs and desires
- Exploring the power of communication in relationships, personal growth, and professional success
- The challenges of going deeper and discussing more complex topics in messaging  
- Discussing the impact of societal norms on career choices and personal fulfillment


Do you hold back from saying what you want to say because of being too much?

Do you feel aligned with your current messaging in your business, or it is because you think it will attract the most clients?


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