Shocking the World with Pleasure: Stepping into Authenticity as a 5/1 Manifestor With Mallory Kiersten

Nov 09, 2023
Ep 115 - Shocking the World with Pleasure: Stepping into Authenticity as a 5/1 Manifestor With Mallory Kiersten

In today's recording, our host Miranda is joined by the inspiring guest, Mallory. As a Manifestor, Mallory is navigating the challenges of productivity and rest cycles, all while struggling to understand why people find Manifestors intimidating. Join us as Mallory opens up about defining success through pleasure and the constant battle between work and rest. Discover the importance of surrendering control, trusting in support, and the power of honoring oneself. Miranda provides valuable insights on maintaining integrity, self-love, and finding alignment in the midst of challenges. Mallory also shares her experiences of feeling inadequate and the journey towards realizing her own wisdom. So, get ready to explore the world of manifestors, authenticity, and the pursuit of pleasure. Let's dive in!

Mallory's Bio.

Mallory Kiersten (she/they) is here to help recovering people-pleasers reclaim their pleasure and be in their fullest expression; she guides her clients into the deepest levels of love and acceptance for themselves so they can create the juiciest, most delicious pleasure-filled lives they could ever have imagined. Mallory is a self-love and Unstuck Yourself™ coach, a certified Erotic Blueprint™ coach and Accelerated Evolution practitioner in training, certified in the Sacred Money Archetypes® framework and an emotional clearing practitioner of The Spiral modality. In all of her work, she helps to liberate her clients from their limitations so that they can reclaim all parts of themselves- particularly those parts they’ve been ashamed of or have been told are “too much.” As the founder of The Expression Academy, she is committed to helping heart-centered entrepreneurs find their voice, create content from their souls, and cultivate authentic connection with their audiences. When she’s not coaching, you can find Mallory reading, dancing, watching cartoons, and probably making silly faces at herself in the mirror.

Show Notes:

- Being a Manifestor and productivity

- Trusting in surrender and support for rest and productivity.

- The will power and Integrity with gate 26

- Inadequacy in gate 48

- The importance of starting things and having support as a Manifestor

- Pleasure being both edgy and vulnerable



1.What are the deeper secrets that can be unveiled through the human design chart?

2. How can we crack the code and explore the intricate patterns and energies within the body graph?

3. What can we discover about our authentic selves through the visual complexity of the body graph?

4. How do we decode the language of energy and unravel the mysteries within the human design chart?

5. How can we navigate our energetic makeup and unlock the hidden potential of the body graph?

6. What is the power of the evolving human design system, from chakras to centers?

7. What wisdom is encoded within our personal body graph and how can we realize our true selves?

8. What blueprint of our true nature is unveiled within the human design chart?

9. How do we harness the energies within, mastering the dance of centers, channels, and gates?

10. How can we embark on a journey of self-discovery and uncover the key insights hiding within our body graph?


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