Shifting Your Narrative: Aligning Human Design and Copywriting with Rachael Weaver

Sep 12, 2023
Episode 98 - Shifting Your Narrative: Aligning Human Design and Copywriting with Rachael Weaver

In this  episode of "The Provoking Prosperity Podcast," host Miranda sits down with the  Rachael Weaver, a master at blending human design and copywriting. Rachael blends Human Design and conversion copywriting to help spiritual entrepreneurs create a cohesive, wildly irresistible, and deeply aligned brand voice so that they speak their truth unapologetically. She’s helped women sell out programs on the first round, sell high ticket 1:1 with ease and create a massive impact with a simple message. Her clients create their next-level brand voice as they step further into their alignment and clearly speak their soul’s message with confidence. Simply put, she’s your soul-aligned messaging coach.

Top 5 Key Topics Of This Episode:

-  Rachael background and journey to incorporating Human Design into her work as a copywriter and messenger.

-  Incorporating Human Design into her copywriting and messaging approach.

-  Provocative nature of Rachael's energy and the challenges of providing honest feedback to clients.

- The importance of aligning offers and business with one's authentic desires.

- The potential challenge of reevaluating and expressing one's true desires in a successful business.


For service-based entrepreneurs or anyone interested in implementing the principles shared in this podcast episode into their organization, here are some detailed next steps to consider:

1. Understand Human Design: Take the time to learn about Human Design and how it can be applied to your business. There are plenty of online resources, books, and courses available that can help you gain a deeper understanding of the concept. This will allow you to fully embrace and integrate it into your messaging and business strategy.

2. Assess Your Authenticity: Reflect on your current business messaging and evaluate how authentic it feels to you. Are you truly expressing yourself and your unique energy, or are you following a template or formula that doesn't align with your true essence? Write down any areas where you feel inauthentic and consider how Human Design could be incorporated to bring more alignment.

3. Embrace Individual Differences: Remember that each person's Human Design chart is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. Embrace the individuality of your team members or clients and honor their unique energy blueprint. Consider using Human Design as a tool to guide conversations, offer insights, and tailor your messaging to align with their authentic selves.


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