Riding the Wave: Connecting with Your Emotional Solar Plexus for Authentic Creative Expression

Nov 16, 2023
Ep 117 - Riding the Wave: Connecting with Your Emotional Solar Plexus for Authentic Creative Expression

n this episode, Miranda discusses the importance of embracing the emotional solar plexus and its impact on creativity and self-expression. She highlights the need for individuals to understand their unique emotional waves and to use them in alignment with their creative flow.

Miranda emphasizes that creatives have the power to feel deeply and express themselves authentically, but often face challenges in managing their emotions and dealing with external judgments. She encourages listeners to embrace their emotions, both the highs and the lows, without judgment or restriction. By doing so, individuals can tap into their emotional resilience and use their creativity to shift the world.

She also mentions the significance of awareness and acceptance in relationships, as well as the importance of understanding and following one's emotional wave to make decisions that align with their authentic selves.

Miranda touches on her own journey with an undefined emotional solar plexus and how she has learned to navigate and support others in their emotional journeys. She explores the impact of emotions on frequency and connection in creative work, emphasizing the deep emotional healing and transformation that can be achieved through the creative process.

Overall, the episode encourages self-reflection, self-acceptance, and the exploration of one's unique emotional wave for personal and creative growth. Miranda offers her support and guidance to those with defined emotional solar plexus and emotional authority, providing them with the opportunity to dive deeper into their self-expression and deconditioning of their voices.

Show Notes:

- The role of emotions in creativity
- The awareness and management of emotions in relationships
- Challenges and benefits of having a defined emotional solar plexus

- Recognizing the impact of emotions on decision-making and self-expression
- Navigating emotional waves for better creative flow
- Embracing the lows and highs of the emotional wave for optimal creativity
- Impact of emotions on frequency and connection with the audience
- Overcoming judgment and restrictions to fully express emotions

- The unique perspective and sensitivity of creatives
- Healing ancestral patterns and beliefs through creativity

- Importance of understanding one's unique emotional wave
- Seeking guidance and tools for embracing and utilizing the emotional solar plexus
- Offer for a discounted program tailored to those with a defined emotional solar plexus

Reflection Questions: 

1. How does having a defined emotional solar plexus impact a person's creative flow?

2. What are some challenges that individuals with a defined emotional solar plexus may face in managing their emotions?

3. How does understanding and embracing one's emotional wave contribute to a person's ability to make decisions that align with their true desires


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