Reshaping Your Narrative: Letting Go of External Expectations and Embracing True Self-Expression

Sep 04, 2023
Ep 95 - Reshaping Your Narrative: Letting Go of External Expectations and Embracing True Self-Expression

Welcome back to the Provoking Prosperity Podcast, where we dive deep into topics that challenge societal norms and empower you to find true fulfillment and success.

Today, in our Monday episode I, Miranda Mitchell, your host, reflects on the importance of inner guidance and the pressures of external influences. After returning from a summer filled with travels and adventures, I have found solace in spending more time alone, practicing my morning rituals, and tuning into my intuition. In this vulnerable episode, I share how being caught up in the wants and agendas of others caused me to lose touch with my own identity. With an undefined G- center, I often absorb other people's energy and neglect my own needs. It was only through creating space for self-reflection that I stay grounded within myself and my knowing.

I invite you to explore your own human design chart and ask yourself if you are truly taking the time to know and honor your authentic self. Together, let's uncover the importance of self-understanding and its impact on our ability to collaborate, thrive, and make a positive impact on the world around us. 

Show Notes:

In this podcast episode the key points discussed are:

-  Importance of Self-Reflection and Connection with Inner Guidance

- Recognizing the loss of self when constantly pulled in different directions by external influences

- Influence of Undefined G Center and Gate 48 on Self-Identity

- Amplifying other people's identities and struggling to know oneself

- The need for self-awareness to be the fullest expression in relationships, business, and friendships


I love to support you in actionable steps with the podcast, here are a few thought provoking questions to get your started.

1. Take time for self-reflection: Set aside dedicated time each day to be alone with your thoughts. Use this time to ground yourself, clear your mind, and reflect on your own energy and intuition. This will help you reconnect with yourself and understand what truly fulfills you.

2. Prioritize authenticity: It's crucial to differentiate between your own desires and external influences. Ask yourself if your actions and decisions align with your true self or if they are driven by societal expectations or other people's agendas. Make an effort to be authentic by expressing your thoughts and feelings, even if it may result in confrontation.

3. Get to know your human design chart: If you have your human design chart, take the time to study it and understand its implications on your identity and decision-making. Focus on aspects like the undefined G center, which can influence how you absorb and amplify others' identities, and the undefined Head and Ajna centers, which can impact your beliefs and conceptualization. By understanding these aspects of your chart, you can navigate your own energy and make decisions that align with your true self.


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