Maintaining Balance: Navigating Life's Experiences With Heather Serna (6/2 Reflector)

May 18, 2023
Ep 49 -Maintaining Balance: Navigating Life's Experiences With Heather Serna (6/2 Reflector)

On this episode of Miranda, we explore the practice of deconditioning and its importance in connecting with oneself and being authentic. Our guest shares insights about their own journey towards authenticity and how understanding their chart has helped them step into their purpose. We dive into the different ways that gate activations can manifest and how yoga can be a helpful tool for deconditioning. Additionally, we examine the guest's chart as a 6/2 Reflector, discussing the themes of being a role model and learning from experiences. The podcast also suggests that maintaining balance and experiencing things fully is vital for personal growth. Tune in for a fascinating discussion on human design, self-discovery, and letting go of negative things.

Heather Serna is a Authorized Level 2 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher who is a  truth seeker, and is always always l learning, and growing.  Heather delved deeper into spirituality, yoga, and travel, continuously seeking to understand herself and the world around her, and because of this she knows her purpose here is to find her true self and to help others do the same.  She believes we are all mirrors and through others we reach our true self and she uses these teachings as a way to mirror back to the world 


Show Notes:

[00:00:28] "Deconditioning and Human Design: Ashtanga's Impact"

[00:02:30] "Flexibility of Mind and Body in Deconditioning"

[00:10:46] "Chiron's Influence on Life Phases Revealed"

[00:12:05] "Unlocking Your Human Design: The Importance of Experience"

[00:18:54] "Grounding and Relationships: Your Purpose in Life"

[00:20:08] "Unlocking Authenticity through Deconditioning and Mastery"

[00:21:26] "Soul Purpose Revealed: Discover It in Relationships"

[00:22:21] "Understanding Your Profile: Gate and Line Activations"

[00:24:39] "Unlocking Your Unconscious Mind Through Astrology"

[00:27:06] "Discover Your True Self with Astrology Chart"



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