Living In the Moment: A Curious And Open Approach To Life And Podcasting

Mar 30, 2023
Ep 27 - Living In the Moment: A Curious And Open Approach To Life And Podcasting

In this podcast I introduce the new format, which will include teaching episodes on human design, gene keys, astrology, and self-realization practices every other Thursday so that you walk away with some information and learnings on these modalities, and I will continue to bring guest interviews every other week on Tuesday and Thursday.


Show Notes:

**New podcast format [00:00:00]**
Explanation of the new podcast format, including teaching elements on Thursdays and guest interviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

**Teaching element on Thursdays [00:01:05]**
Introduction of the new teaching element on Thursdays, with a focus on human design, gene keys, and astrology.

**Collaboration and support among human design types [00:04:55]**
Importance of collaboration and support among different human design types, and the negative effects of comparison and competition.

**Human design profiles [00:09:11]**
Brief introduction to human design profiles, with a personal example of the speaker's own profile (2/4).

**Collaboration and Connection [00:11:04]**
Importance of connecting without expectations and being in the feminine energy.

**Awareness of Embodiment [00:12:07]**
The need for both feminine and masculine energy, and how awareness of strategy and authority helps with timing and flow.

**Upcoming Episodes [00:12:53]**
Preview of next week's guest interview, future provoking thoughts and insights, and training on the lines.


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