Journey to the Embodied Voice: Uncovering Authenticity Through Embracing Depth and Vulnerability

Oct 03, 2023
Ep 104 - Journey to the Embodied Voice: Uncovering Authenticity Through Embracing Depth and Vulnerability

Welcome back to another episode of the Provoking Prosperity Podcast with your host, Miranda. In today's episode, Miranda takes a break from her usual interviews to share a more personal and vulnerable side of herself. She reflects on her journey of self-expression and the importance of embracing the depth and shadows in our lives. Miranda explores the power of the embodied voice and how it has brought up emotions, creativity, and a desire to support others in their own vulnerability. She discusses her experience with writing, chanting, and the realization that her voice is a powerful tool for connection and clarity. Join Miranda as she shares a heartfelt piece of her writing and encourages us all to embrace our own voices and embark on a journey of self-expression.

Key Topics/Show Notes of This Episode:

00:02:46 Yoga led me to deeper self-discovery and personal growth.

00:05:38 The importance of having the awareness of three motors connected to their throat through human design 

00:10:20 Trusting in relationships for personal and business growth

00:12:42 Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

00:15:30 Continuing the work out of love for humanity


Reflection Questions:

1. How does Miranda's exploration of her own voice and self-expression resonate with you?
2. Miranda talks about embracing shadows and vulnerability. How do you view these aspects of yourself? Are you comfortable exploring them?
4. How has writing or other forms of self-expression helped you gain clarity and understanding of your own emotions and thoughts? 

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