Two Irresistible Offers For Gens and ManiGens With Analena Fuchs (Special Bonus Episode)

Apr 07, 2023
Ep 31 - Two Irresistible Offers For Gens and ManiGens With Analena Fuchs (Special Bonus Episode)

n this podcast episode, Miranda Mitchell collaborates with Analena Fuchs, host of the Art Of Slowing Down as well as her business partner over at the Aligned Living Academy, to reveal two irresistible offers for Generators and Manifesting Generators to live in alignment with their sacral energy and intuition. The first offer is a six-week group immersion program called The Unfolding, which helps individuals understand and practice their sacral energy to experience a life of ease and joy. The second offer is a High-Level Mastermind called DEPTH, which helps conscious leaders scale their business without the hustle through aligning with their unique human design energetics. Miranda  and Analena stress the importance of consistency, community, and Deconditioning to live in alignment with your human design and to create sustainable impact. They invite listeners to join them on this journey of self-discovery and growth. Both offers are at a very affordable rate so the transformation can happen without financial pressure.


⁠The Unfolding⁠ - 6-week Program for Generators & Manifesting Generators, starts April 20th, 2023. Early bird pricing through 4/15

⁠DEPTH⁠ - 12-month High-Level Mastermind for Conscious Leaders (Human Design , Gene Keys, Astrology, Deconditioning) - $222/month or $2,222 PIF for the full year


⁠Link to book a 15min Clarity Call ⁠with Analena or Miranda.


Living by Your Sacral Energy [00:03:12] Miranda And Analena talk about the importance of living by your sacral energy and trusting yourself.

Community and Consistency [00:06:45] Miranda and Analena discuss the importance of community and consistency in making the shift to living by your sacral energy.

The Unfolding [00:09:09] Miranda and Analena introduce The Unfolding, a six-week group immersion for generators and manifesting generators to understand and practice sacral energy and deconditioning.

Understanding Sacral Energy [00:09:50] The hosts discuss the six-week program called The Unfolding, which focuses on understanding and practicing sacral energy and deconditioning.

Success through Consistency [00:11:50] The hosts discuss how consistent practice and showing up is key to embodying human design and achieving success.

The Unfolding Program [00:12:34] The hosts provide details about The Unfolding program, which helps generators and manifesting generators align with their sacral energy and trust their intuition.

Repetition and Embodiment [00:15:10] The hosts discuss the importance of repetition and embodiment in mastering sacral energy and responding to things in the physical form.

Less is More [00:16:33] The hosts emphasize the importance of letting go of unnecessary information and focusing on the wisdom inside oneself.

Depth Mastermind [00:18:09] The hosts introduce Depth, a year-long high-level mastermind program for conscious business leaders to delve deeper into human design and business strategies.

Mastermind and business focus [00:23:40] Details of the Mastermind program, which has a business focus and includes access to a private community, monthly life calls, and support for launching a podcast or program, messaging, and communication.

Investment and impact [00:25:59] The investment for the Mastermind program, the reasons for the price point, and the focus on conscious leaders and entrepreneurs to create impact and build a close-knit community.

Taking aligned actions [00:27:57] The importance of taking aligned actions and stepping into something new to create a new world, and the role of intuition and tapping into the quantum field of the unknown.

The Unfolding [00:29:29] Discussion of a six-week group immersion program focused on understanding and practicing sacral energy and deconditioning, with a special rate until April 15.

The Depth [00:29:53] Announcement of a 12-month mastermind program opening doors on April 11, with an invitation to reach out for questions or a 15-minute clarity call.

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