Discover How Inner Spirituality Drives Outer Results With Harmony Slater

Feb 21, 2023
Ep. 11 - Discover How Inner Spirituality Drives Outer Results With Harmony Slater

Harmony has been a part of my life longer than she knows. She was one of The Level 2 Authorized Ashtanga teachers that I diligently followed and trusted in guidance in my practice. 

She has always seemed like a "beam of love" to me. Her smile and her beautiful presence lit up the room every time she walked in and I knew there was something about her that i could not put my finger on - until I saw her Human Design chart.

Than it suddenly all made sense - her Incarnation Cross is the Vessel of Love in Human Design.The meaning of this cross is about self-love awareness, and pulling into the flow of love.

The beauty of this cross is that when someone with this cross crosses your path they may bring with them an awareness that shifts your course or pulls you into a powerful current.

Which is exactly what brings to this world.

Harmony is a Certified Holistic Life & Business Coach, Breathwork expert, and Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher. She is one of less than 20 women in the world to hold a recognized teaching Certificate from Mysore, India. She began traveling to East Asia in 2002 to study Buddhism and Indian philosophy. She’s founded two yoga schools in Canada and has been running her own yoga and coaching business for the past 20+ years. She’s taught workshops on yoga, breathwork, personal development and meditation in over 30 different countries.    She’s the host of the Finding Harmony Podcast and has been featured in two anthologies on yoga, pregnancy, and motherhood in  ‘Yoga Sadhana for Mothers’ and ‘Strength and Grace: A collection of Essays by Women of Ashtanga Yoga.’ Harmony is also a contributing editor for SONIMA online magazine.   Harmony specializes in helping multi-passionate yoga professionals suffering from burnout, anxiety and overwhelm, restore their energy, let go of shame, and reconnect to their higher self and purpose, using tools of mindfulness, movement, meditation and breathwork.
  Some of her other awesome, notable accolades are holding two Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Philosophy and Religious Studies, as well as an Advanced Coaching Certification, and she spent five years living in India and Thailand. 

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