Igniting Conscious Healing:Charting A Path To Prosperity Through The Human Design System With Miranda Mitchell

Aug 17, 2023
Ep 88 - Igniting Conscious Healing : Charting A Path To Prosperity Through The Human Design System With Miranda Mitchell

Welcome back to the Provoking Prosperity Podcast with your host, Miranda Mitchell. In today's episode, we dive deep into the healing aspects of human design and explore the importance of the chart in addressing the healing of ourselves and humanity. Get ready to to reconnect to your true potential as we discuss the teaching aspects of human design and how it can empower you to break free from societal norms and create a life of prosperity. Before we get started, make sure to have your Human Design body graph chart ready. Don't worry if you're unsure how to obtain it, simply head over to our website, miranda-michell.com, and enter your birth date, time, and place to receive it. 

In this podcast, we address the significance of recognizing and releasing people-pleasing behavior and the impact it has on our personal and professional lives. We explore different aspects the human design system, and how it helps us be more authentic in our business and relationship to ourselves and others.  

Remember, growth is not an overnight process, but a continuous journey of integration and awareness. We encourage you to listen, take notes, and revisit our episodes periodically to reinforce these valuable lessons. And don't forget to leave a review on Apple Podcasts to show your love and support for the show!

Show Notes:


00:01:00 Miranda discusses about the Human Design chart.
People pleasing and prioritizing others first
How different perspectives can enhance understanding of human design.
Projection of others
How the chart reveals purpose so much about ourselves that we often don't recognize until we hear it.

Here are some reflection questions that you can dive into so that you take time to digest the topic of this episode. This is the integration, this is the practice.

1. How does understanding your Human Design body graph chart play a role in your personal and business growth?
2. Are you aware of any people-pleasing behaviors that may be hindering your true identity and potential? How can you work towards shedding those behaviors?
3. How do you interpret the information shared by coaches, guides, and experts in the fields of human design and gene keys? How does the energy between the sharer and receiver impact your understanding?
4. What practices or awarenesses have you found helpful in your personal growth journey? How do you integrate them into your daily life?
5. How do you navigate the moments of ease and difficulty in your life? Are you consciously acknowledging the space in between, where growth happens?
6. Are you consistently reassessing whether you are following your strategy and staying true to your own identity? How can you ensure you are not adopting other people's identities?
7. How frequently do you revisit and engage with learning materials, such as podcast episodes? How does revisiting them benefit your growth and understanding?
8. Have you left a review for podcasts or other content you appreciate? In what ways can reviews contribute to the connection and love within communities?
9. How has listening to new perspectives opened your mind or heart? How do you believe this contributes to personal growth and the betterment of humanity?
10. Have you shared the Provoking Prosperity podcast with others who may benefit from its content? How do you believe it can help individuals achieve success in their businesses and lives?

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