Human Design Is A Confirmation Of What I have Always Known With Laura Lee

Feb 09, 2023
Ep. 6 - Human Design Is A Confirmation Of What I have Always Known With Laura Lee

n this podcast we are going to be diving into Laura Lee's HD chart.

If you remember from the last podcast, Laura Lee supports and guides, empaths creatives, entrepreneurs and leaders who are ready to stop hiding, staying small, or second guessing themselves, and instead plugged back into the light of their soul. Now we're going to be going into Laura Lee's chart, answering some HD questions, and seeing how she feels with the integration and implementation of Human Design in her life, and how it has shifted her perspective.


 Laura Lee is a 2/4 Manifesting Generator - "I eat, breathe and sleep transformation"


Show Notes: 

  • (1:01)   How the awareness of the emotional wave helped her in making the aligned decisions that felt good
  • (3:17)   Acceptance with having an open Head and Ajna  
  • (5:18)   Confirmation of Human Design 
  • (7:46)  Gate 57 
  • (8:54)  What the Sacral connected to G-center means for her
  • (12:07) Gate 46 and the importance of having a connection to the body
  • (17:01) How this has helped her BE the energy she is here to be


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