Holding the Reins of Life: A Splenic Manifestor’s Story of Intuition, Manifestation and Action With Melisa Pearce

Nov 28, 2023
Ep 119 - Holding the Reins of Life: A Splenic Manifestor’s Story of Intuition, Manifestation and Action With Melisa Pearce

In this episode, join us for a captivating conversation as we delve deep into the transformative journey of Melisa, a Splenic Manifestor, navigating the world through the lens of Equine Gestalt and trusting in manifestation through in the now action. Together, we explore the interplay between thoughts and emotions, uncovering Melisa's unique inclination toward prioritizing the body and emotions over thoughts.

Throughout our discussion, we unravel the potent influence of the moon in astrology, tapping into the profound elements of human design. Melisa, an advocate for intuitive understanding and an avid user of Tarot, sheds light on how these modalities intertwine and influence her experiences.

Discover the pivotal roles played by Melisa's Earth and Sun elements in her relentless pursuit of her beliefs and her unwavering support for others' journeys toward their full potential. With a touch of light-heartedness, Melisa shares anecdotes of everyday manifestations, like the art of effortlessly finding parking spaces.

Stay tuned for an engaging and enlightening conversation on personal growth, energy comprehension, and the embrace of manifestation. Be sure to visit miranda-mhitchell.com to share your thoughts and leave us your review. Sending love to all as we dive right into our enriching discussion with Melisa.


About Melisa Pearce and Touched by A Horse

Melisa Pierce is a treasured mentor and teacher who has had a significant impact on her students, including Miranda, who holds a deep and heartfelt connection with her teaching methods. She runs an influential program called "Touched by a Horse," Equine Gestalt Certification in which she shares her knowledge and teaching through a deep connection with horses and their healing powers.


Show Notes:

- Melisa's Manifestation Mastery
- Discover Melisa's remarkable system for on-the-spot manifestation and witness a swift instance of its materialization.

 Perspectives on Mental Health
- Delve into the fascinating interplay between thoughts and emotions: Does thought create emotion, or do emotions create thoughts? Explore the host's emphasis on prioritizing body and emotion over thought in this compelling conversation.

 Astrology Unveiled
- Uncover the influential role of the moon in astrology and unravel the intricacies of the host's Cancer sun sign and double Aquarian status. - - Dive into the human design approach to decoding energies within astrology and explore how Earth and Sun elements significantly impact belief defense and personal growth.

Melisa's Impactful Work
- Learn about Melisa's creation of the empowering 'Now Deck,' a motivational 60-card deck. Gain insights into her belief system surrounding doubt, commitment, and learning from past mistakes. Explore grounding practices and the profound connection with one's inner self. Discover Melisa's unique work approach, including her habit of taking breaks, and her heartfelt feeling of working for her horses.

Provoking and Fighter Energy Unveiled
- Unravel Melisa's reputation for pushing individuals toward their fullest potential. Understand her unique ability to see through people and challenge limiting beliefs, fostering growth and empowerment.


Melisa's Info

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